Ocean City Schools Awarded Grant for the Study of Coastal Community Resilience

first_imgStudents and staff are now challenged to observe and record local issues on the coast using the knowledge gained from the Nature Center and future trips. This summer, there will be a program focusing on this resiliency curriculum, with a presentation for the School Board in October. Overall, the grant provides the District with a great opportunity to further their science related education programs, and the chance to work with several ecological groups and high schools around New Jersey. Students will be using what they learn in the classroom and through hands-on involvement around the community to create connections with real world experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM). With the help of interactive field trips, a school-based sustainability project that addresses coastal community resiliency will be developed. In an attempt to begin solving the issue at hand, teachers and students were encouraged to use the tools on the premise. They tested the local water for both chemical and physical properties, as well as evaluate the current state of the wetlands and sod banks. At the end of the trip, students had to create a presentation regarding their findings from the day and share their suggestions for remediation. OCEAN CITY, NJ – Last May, the Ocean City School District was chosen to participate in the grant program “Building Ecological Solutions to Coast Community Hazards,” appointing Curt Nath, Director of Academic Services, as the District’s liaison. The Ocean City Board of Education received a $5,000 grant towards this initiative, allowing opportunity for both teachers and students to form a better understanding in the science of resiliency within our local ecosystem. The grant spans over the course of two years in hopes of supporting the training, development, and application of a model resiliency curriculum. Recently, 16 students were selected from the Ocean City High School Ecology Club and AP Environmental and Engineering classes, to attend a field trip at the Cape May Nature Center. The trip was led by OCHS teachers Matt Oster, Mike Pomatto, and Dave Ferrante. From the beach to the wooded areas located on the property, the students were able to engage in real life environmental problems. They were asked, “Due to the rising seas and increasing coastal erosions, how do we maintain the quality of the Cape May Nature Center?”“The seminar stressed teaching through real life problems as opposed to projects.”- Matt Osterlast_img read more

Grace Kelly Exhibit Features Ocean City’s Royalty

first_imgOcean City Arts Center Executive Director Rosalyn Lifshin shows a piece of art called “Amazing Grace” from a June exhibit inspired by Grace Kelly. By Maddy VitaleGrace Kelly exhibits at the Ocean City Historical Museum and Ocean City Art Center, will offer guests a glimpse into the life of an elegant beauty with a classic style, who captured the love of fans with her acting and took them on a fairy-tale adventure when she married a prince.Kelly, Philadelphia born, left Hollywood at age 26 to marry Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956. But she continued to vacation at her family’s two homes at 26th Street and Wesley Avenue and on the beachfront.Ocean City historians say Kelly, who died in 1982, remains Ocean City’s royalty. “There was just an aura about her and a mystique,” Carol Dotts, a museum board member said, while showing some memorabilia in the permanent exhibit at the museum Tuesday. “She was very classic. She had such style.”Ocean City Historical Museum board member Carol Dotts says she is excited about the additional Grace Kelly pieces.The Grace Kelly exhibit has been a favorite in the museum for many years. A replica of her wedding gown draws the attention of museum patrons, year after year.Additional memorabilia will delight guests in a month-long exhibit which runs from June 8 through July 31 at the museum.Kelly was an Oscar-winning actress, so it was only fitting that there would be a red carpet with photos and memorabilia lining the entrance into the museum for the special exhibit titled “I remember Grace,” said Jeff Granahan, executive director of the museum.This is the first year the museum and the art center joined forces to bring a Grace Kelly-themed dual event to the community center, 1735 Simpson Ave. Granahan contacted Ocean City Arts Center Executive Director Rosalyn Lifshin and discussed putting the two events together and she agreed it was a great idea. The museum exhibit is titled and will feature memorabilia, photos and other interesting pieces that were part of Kelly’s life. Carol Dotts points to the replica of Grace Kelly’s wedding gown on display in the permanent exhibit.The art exhibit titled “Remember Grace Kelly,” which runs from June 8 through June 30 will feature local artists depictions of Kelly. “This is an expansion, more than a separate exhibit, since it is in conjunction with the arts center. We are trying to connect both the exhibits because our permanent exhibit is deep in the museum,” Granahan explained. “We will have a red carpet to grab peoples’ attention. They will be able to walk the red carpet into the museum.”He said they selected the perfect person to act as the guest curator. Anthony LoRusso, who vacations in Ocean City in the summers, will explain what he knows of the life of Grace Kelly and provide some.LoRusso is an avid Kelly memorabilia collector. He also has various newspaper clippings and photos of the beauty as well as Grace Kelly Barbie dolls and other items that will be on display.  The exhibits at both the museum and art center opens at 7 p.m. June 8 with a reception and light refreshments. Here is Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in artist Grace Zambelli’s work titled, “To Catch a Thief,” which was a movie the two stars did together.Guests will get to mingle downstairs at the museum exhibit and then venture upstairs to see some of the Grace Kelly inspired artwork.Lifshin said 30 of the finest artists in Cape and Atlantic counties will showcase their works.  “Each June we have an invitational exhibit where we invite artists to paint a theme and this year’s theme is “I remember Grace Kelly,” she said.Lifshin said the art center is very excited to be able to do the exhibit with the museum and added that there are some wonderful works that will be featured. Some of the images involve scenes in Kelly’s films, including Rear Window and To Catch a Thief. There are paintings of the princess walking with her children on the beach in Ocean City and strolling on the Boardwalk.“Amazing Grace” by G.J. Moyer, is a mixed media piece with a painting of Kelly in the middle and clippings of her movies and photos of her surrounding it.To kick off the Grace Kelly events, the Ocean City Historical Museum will host a Grace Kelly Tea at the Flanders Hotel at 2 p.m. June 6.  Reservations are required for the tea and tickets are available until June 1.For more information for the Ocean City Historical Museum visit www.ocnjmuseum.organd for the Ocean City Art Center go to www.oceancityartscenter.org.Grace Kelly photos fill a section of the museum.Here is a wall dedicated to her movies.last_img read more

EXCLUSIVE: Marcus King Dishes On Upcoming As The Crow Flies Tour, 2018 TTB ‘Wheels Of Soul’ Tour

first_imgFollowing a big year for Marcus King in 2017, the young guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and bandleader has a slew of exciting plans in place for this new year. Next week, he will set sail on his first Jam Cruise with The Marcus King Band. Later this month, he’ll head down to Widespread Panic‘s annual Panic En La Playa destination event in Mexico. This spring, his band will join Umphrey’s McGee for a run of dates, and mount a 7-stop tour in France. And that’s just the beginning…This week, King was announced as part of two separate hotly-anticipated tours: One as a member of Chris Robinson‘s new Black Crowes-themed project, As The Crow Flies, and the other with MKB serving as one of two supporting acts for Tedeschi Trucks Band‘s annual “Wheels of Soul” tour. In the wake of these two huge announcements, we spoke to Marcus about As The Crow Flies, “Wheels of Soul,” and the other various plans he has in store for a busy 2018.[Photo: Robert Forte]Live For Live Music: When did Chris Robinson first approach you about potentially being a part of As The Crow Flies?Marcus King: It was this past fall, almost winter time, when I first got that call from Chris, and I can honestly say I was immediately excited about the idea.L4LM: Did you have an existing personal or professional relationship with Chris prior to his reaching out to you about As The Crow Flies?MK: We’ve run into each other a number of times at shows and at festivals our bands have played together. Chris and I have always had a good time just hanging out and talking at those gigs.L4LM: Did you immediately say “yes” to the offer or was it something you had to take a few weeks or longer to think about?MK: Although it was something I was instantly excited about, I did have to pause and take some time to digest the whole idea. From a sheer gut standpoint, I thought it sounded like a whole lot of fun. However, after I took some time to think about it, I also thought how cool it could be to be around a group of musicians as seasoned as the players in As The Crow Flies, and that I could really learn a lot from all of them.  I also thought the As The Crow Flies tour could present me with a unique opportunity to just go out and be a guitar player in a band for once, as opposed to being the front man in my own band. All in all I think it will end up being a very humbling experience for me.L4LM: Any thoughts on your singing on the As The Crow Flies tour? Most folks who follow the Marcus King Band often praise your vocals…MK: As far as the fine details regarding the shows, we have yet to work all of that out but I can say we’ve talked about my singing a few songs and I’m sure I’ll be contributing backing vocals on some of the tunes we’ll end up doing.L4LM: Did you have any trepidation with regard to how the Marcus King Band’s fan base would react to you being a part of this kind of project?MK: I did, and I do. The Marcus King Band is stronger than ever right now. We didn’t want to send out nor create any false narrative that our band was coming to any kind of an end because that’s far from the truth.Once [MKB’s] next big tour starts, we will be coming out of the studio having just spent two months straight together. We always try to take a little time after long tours like that to clear our heads. Thus I thought the timing for the As The Crow Flies tour sounded kind of perfect.[Photo: Robert Forte]L4LM: Many MKB fans will likely see the As the Crow Flies tour as an opportunity to introduce you and the Marcus King Band to a brand new group of die hard music fans. Do you think the tour will benefit the your band in terms of exposure and growing your own fan base?MK: To be honest, that was never my intention. I only do something if it feels right to me personally, musically, and spiritually. When this came along, it just felt right to me in my heart. I can, however, say in retrospect that I have given some thought to how this tour could help bring some exposure to the Marcus King Band and I think it will end up being a good thing.L4LM: While you’re out on the As The Crow Flies tour, will the other members of the Marcus King Band be engaged with some of their own side musical projects?MK: All of us already go and do separate gigs when we’re off the road. Jack [Ryan, drums] plays with his band the Shady Recruits, and Justin [Johnson, trumpet/trombone] plays with a number of musicians including April Bennett and her band April B. & The Cool. Every band member has music projects outside of the group that they are excited about, and we all think that’s a real healthy thing. When all of us come back to the Marcus King Band, we’re able to approach both our old and new material with a fresh spin, and that condition’s existence allows things to stay creative within the group.L4LM: Black Crowes fans are both notoriously loyal and vocal. When both Luther Dickinson and then, later, Jackie Greene, joined the Black Crowes, there were certain segments of their fan base that reacted quite negatively. Surely many of their fans will show you love, but the haters will undoubtedly make their voices heard too. What, if anything, do  you have to say to any detractors regarding As The Crow Flies and your decision to be a part of it?MK: I have had this tendency at times where I’ve let myself get really overwhelmed by some of those kinds of things. However, I’ve learned from a number of people that have been in the business much longer than myself to just do things for the right reasons and to have your heart in the right place. If people can get with it, then that’s a wonderful thing. And if they can’t, you just try to get up on that stage and prove them all wrong.L4LM: How familiar are you with the Black Crowes catalogue and their music? Are there any Black Crowes songs you’re personally excited to play with on the As The Crowe Flies tour?MK: I’m definitely a fan of the Black Crowes, and in particular the Marc Ford era. I’m getting really excited about playing those songs and having the opportunity to put my spin on them. I’m a huge fan of Marc Ford and like many people in and out of the industry, I think he’s one of the best southern rock guitar players to ever play. I see it as a real honor to be able to go out and play those songs.L4LM: Fellow As The Crow Flies member Audley Freed was in the Black Crowes for the By Your Side (1999) and Lions (2001) years. It would seem that, from a guitar dynamics standpoint, you might be a fit to play lead on the earlier Marc Ford catalogue with Freed playing lead on the band’s later work. Is that something that has already been discussed and or worked out, or are those the kind of details that are going to be ironed out as you rehearse more as a collective?MK: I think that’s something we will talk about and work out more once we get deeper into the rehearsal process. In the early going I think we’ve at least agreed in principle that both Audley and I will share the lead role.Everyone in this group is a real tasteful player and a gifted musician. I think one of the most important things I learned from people like Warren [Haynes] and Derek [Trucks] was to understand when not to play–or, to put it more bluntly, when to shut up [laughs]. Hopefully I’ll be able to remember that once I’m up on the stage with these guys.L4LM: You’ve discussed already that you have some familiarity with Chris, but do you have any sort of previous relationship with the other musicians that will comprise As The Crow Flies in Audley, Adam [MacDougall], Tony [Leone] or Andy [Hess]?MK: I’ve hung out with Audley a few times and I know him through Warren, but I don’t think we’ve ever played together. I’m just stoked that I’m going to be able play with him and the rest of the guys in As The Crow Flies.L4LM: Chris has already intimated that the As The Crow Flies tour this spring will be a one-off thing that he doesn’t anticipate will extend beyond this initial tour. He did, however, leave the door open to more dates in the longer-term future. Would you be open to being a part of a future As The Crow Flies tour if things went well this time around?MK: I will always say the door remains open for anything, but the fact that this was a one-time thing was one of the main reasons why I was initially interested in being a part of it. I see the tour as an opportunity to just go out and have a really good time with some incredible folks.L4LM: You’ve played with Derek and Susan [Tedeschi] before, but this summer’s newly announced “Wheels of Soul” tour will be the first time that MKB will go out on an extended tour with Tedeschi Trucks Band. How did the Wheels of Soul tour come to fruition? Is touring together something you, Derek and Susan have talked about doing for a while now?MK: It’s kind of been in the air over last couple of years, and we all agreed that everyone would love to do it. We always have a lot fun and laughs when see each other, and fortunately the planets aligned to make the “Wheels of Soul” tour possible this year.[Photo: Derek McCabe]L4LM: Can you describe the nature of your personal and musical relationships with both Derek and Susan?MK: Derek and Susan’s personalities both on and off the stage are very warm, and they both welcome you in with open arms. It always feels like a warm and cozy bed when we’re around them. Derek, Susan and their entire band have all become very close friends of mine.L4LM: Tedeschi Trucks Band and the Marcus King Band seem to share some of the same musical DNA, with both your fan bases seeming like a natural fit for one another. Can fans expect Derek and Susan to join your band and vice versa for some unique collaborations on the “Wheels of Soul” tour?MK: I think that’s something that’s engrained in our nature. The fact that we enjoy each other’s company off the stage, it’s kind of just a natural extension to bring that vibe up to the stage with one another. L4LM: The Wheels of Soul tour will see the Marcus King Band playing venues in the 10,000 to 20,000 capacity area, so outside of the festival dates you’ve done, you’ll be playing to some of the biggest audiences the band has ever played to on tour. Do you see that as a challenge? Do you foresee any obstacles in translating the intimate vibe of a typical Marcus King Band show to much larger audiences?MK: It’s going to be something different for us, for sure. We’re definitely going to try and translate our intimate vibe into those larger venues and shows. It’s going to be a challenge but it’s one we’re all very open to and super excited about.L4LM: Beyond you and Tedeschi Trucks, Drive-By Truckers will also be along for the ride on the Wheels of Soul tour. Can fans expect your two bands to combine forces onstage for some covers and or takes on each other’s music during the tour?MK: I definitely foresee that as a possibility with Drive-By Truckers because they have a very similar vibe to us. The first time I met their drummer [Brad Morgan], I was in high school in jazz band class and our teacher, Bruce Caldwell, he had this special guest come in that turned out to be the Drive By Trucker’s drummer. So it’s kind of like things have come full circle for us.L4LM: Your father, Marvin King, is quite the guitar hero himself. You’ve called him the “best guitar teacher anyone could ever have.” Is there any chance Marvin joins the band on stage for a few tunes anywhere on the Wheels of Soul tour?MK: It’s always a possibility. If and when Papa King ever wants to come out and hang, there’s always a spot for him if he feels like jamming. We always love it when my dad comes up and plays a few tunes with us.[Photo: Robert Forte]L4LM: The Wheels of Soul and As The Crow Flies tours are still months away. In the interim, the Marcus King Band will be out on the road. Can you talk a little about what plans the band has for the remainder of the winter, spring and the first half of 2018 in regard to tours or recording?MK: We actually will be doing our first-ever Jam Cruise in a few weeks, and I think there’s going to be a bevy of collaborations on that tour. Then, in early February we are going to be headed out to do some dates with Umphrey’s Mcgee, which all of us are extremely excited about. Whenever we listen to those guys play, we all end up wanting to go back into the shed and practice more because they always seem to push us in these really positive directions.That will then be followed by the band doing a run through France throughout most of March where we’ll basically be touring the entire country. Around this same time frame, we’ll also be going into the studio for a couple of weeks to try and wrap up our third studio album. We are hoping to release a single before the Wheels of Soul tour starts and we’re also hoping that the new album gets released sometime later this summer.L4LM: Final question, Marcus. Recently, in New York, you were asked what fans could expect on MKB’s French tour this spring. You were quoted as saying, “There’s going to be a lot of mustards on that tour.” Would you care to expand on that thought?MK: There are lot of us in this band that are very big fans of various mustards, cheeses and baguettes. France has always been really good to us in terms of providing us with quality mustards and cheeses so I think we’re all looking forward to that.For a full list of upcoming As The Crow Flies tour dates, head here.To get the low-down on this summer’s annual Tedeschi Trucks Band “Wheels of Soul” tour featuring Drive-By Truckers and The Marcus King Band, head here.For a complete list of upcoming Marcus King Band shows, head to the band’s website.Contributing writer Robert Forte serves as the Managing Photography Editor at Rock Revolt Magazine, in addition to working as a freelance music writer and professional concert photographer. [Cover photo by Robert Forte (Instagram: @40_Photography)]last_img read more

Carroll Approves Vac-Air Property Sale For Solar Array Site

first_imgMGN ImageFREWSBURG — The Carroll Town Board approved the sale of a 35-acre parcel of land at 1715 Wahlgren Road, which is expected to be the site of a new solar array.Sunnyland LLC, presented a purchase offer of the former Vac-Air site for $50,000, which was approved and will be finalized if no permissive referendum is needed.“The plan is to have that property turned into a solar array location,” Town Supervisor Russ Payne said. “The company, Sunnyside LLC, is out of Lakewood. It was the brush dump at one time, prior to that it was a parcel used by the former Vac-Air as a chemical deposit. It ultimately became a Brownfield site, the state came in and cleaned the property up properly.”The site entered the Brownfield Cleanup Program of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, which can be used to promote the redevelopment of properties that have been used as hazardous waste disposal sites.“With former DEC Brownfield sites, the state of New York is encouraging townships like the town of Carroll to put those properties back on the tax rolls, and they’re not good for construction of anything,” Payne said. Any residents opposed to the sale will have to file a petition as the first step in a permissive referendum, which would then bring the issue up for a vote in the November.The sale of the property is one effort town is officials are pursuing to face the expected sales tax shortfall resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.Payne said that the town has been in contact with Chautauqua County officials on the issue, and is better positioned than some municipalities to handle the drop in funds.“Moving forward we anticipate there is going to be a 30% cut in sales tax revenue due to the sales COVID-19 pandemic,” Payne said. “That would in effect cost the town of Carroll about $90,000 (in a budget year). We’ve been creative in the past about keeping reserve funds. We’re pretty confident that we can absorb the loss with revenue that is anticipated.”In other business, the town is preparing to put up signage to lower the speed limit on Bunce Road from 55 mph to 40 mph, after a traffic study was conducted by the New York State Department of Transportation.Town cleanup day will be May 16, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the board also approved the appointment of Deputy Clerk Julie Burkett to a code enforcement assistant position.The town has set up a mask drop-off and pickup station outside of the Frewsburg municipal building, which has aided residents in obtaining masks during the coronavirus outbreak.“We’ve had that throughout the duration of the last few weeks and it was very successful, well-received,” Payne said. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Gardener’s gold

first_imgBy Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaEach year more than 3.5 million tons of recyclable yard waste isunnecessarily sent to landfills. Viewed by many as rubbish, homegardeners see this waste as “gardener’s gold.””Yard waste can be converted into compost,” said C.B. Christian,northeast director of the Georgia Master Gardeners Association.”It’s simple to construct a container which would save much inpurchasing bags of amendments.”Use what you haveChristian says a compost container can be anything from a wirecage to pressure-treated lumber or whatever material you haveavailable.He suggests building two 4-by-4-by-3-foot bins side-by-side.”You can continuously add material throughout the process,”Christian said. “Work out of the first bin and build the secondfor later.”Many compost bin designs are available on the University ofGeorgia Cooperative Extension Web site at www.ugaextension.com.Whether you choose a freestanding or a contained bin,decomposition requires four things: an adequate mix of carbon andnitrogen materials, plenty of air, sufficient moisture and apopulation of organisms. Place your bins in a full-sun orpartial-sun location.How to start the processTo begin your composting project, start with a 6-inch layer ofground leaves, grass clippings, egg shells and any raw vegetablescraps. To that layer, add an inch of soil and shreddednewspaper. Moisten and continue with the next layer.Ground materials collected from a mower grass bag or achipper-shredder decompose four times as fast as those notground. Make sure your yard waste isn’t contaminated withdisease.”Compost bins need brown as well as green material for adequatedecomposition,” Christian said. “And don’t add meat products oryou will attract rodents.”If you add manure, make sure it has been aged at least one yearto prevent the risk of E. coli contamination.To jump-start the decomposition process, Christian recommendsadding a very small amount of ammonium nitrate or anynitrogen-containing fertilizer.”The bins should eventually heat up to 170 degrees after a fewdays and decompose gradually,” he said. Through the naturalbreakdown process, in six months a pile 3 feet deep willgradually decompose to 1 1-2 feet.Stir weekly, or have worms do itTo maintain your compost, turn the pile weekly and keep thematerial moist, but not wet.To attract worms, add vegetable scraps and corn meal.”Worms are great turners of the pile, and as they work, they putout their body weight of manure each day,” Christian said.The finished compost should be an odor-free, ready-to-useamendment for gardens or flowerbeds. It can also be used aspotting soil.”To prevent still viable seeds from germinating, you may addeither a pre-emergent (herbicide) or a 3-inch layer of mulch,”Christian said. “Otherwise, you may have tomatoes, peppers andother unwanted plants in your compost.”For more information on this or other gardening topics, contactyour local UGA Cooperative Extension agent at 1-800-ASK-UGA1. Orvisit the UGA Extension Web site at www.ugaextension.com.last_img read more

Our financial literacy efforts get an ‘F’

first_imgIf America were to get a grade in personal finance, it would be an “F.” According to Forbes, “Two-thirds of American adults can’t pass a basic financial literacy test.” But more important than a test score is the critical state of most Americans’ finances:● 44% of Americans can’t cover a $400 emergency without going into debt.● 43% of student loan borrowers are behind on loan payments.● 56% of Americans have saved less than $10,000 for retirement.To make things worse, Americans are averse to discussing finances, even with those they love. CNBC reports that 44% of Americans “would rather discuss death, religion or politics than talk about personal finance with a loved one.” This post is currently collecting data… ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrcenter_img This is placeholder text continue reading »last_img read more

Cosmetics company Martina Berto shifts to healthcare products

first_imgFurthermore, Martina Berto also runs a reseller program to incentivize its employees to sell the company’s products while working from home.Martina Berto suffered Rp 24.2 billion (US$1.7 million) in losses in the first quarter this year, compared with the profits of Rp 854.9 million it reaped in the same period last year.Martina Berto is one of many companies switching gear to producing highly sought-after items during the pandemic.Textile companies such as publicly listed PT Pan Brothers and PT Sri Rejeki Isman (Sritex) have switched some of their production lines to making masks and coveralls.Pan Brothers agreed to produce 20 million washable masks and 100,000 jumpsuits by April, as ordered by the government and several retailers.Meanwhile, PT Sritex has been producing coveralls for medical workers since late January and began to deliver the products in the first week of February, the company’s spokesperson Joy Citra Dewi previously said.“We use a specified waterproof and anti-microbial material that we’ve developed for the PPE,” Joy told The Jakarta Post in a written statement in March.Meanwhile, state-owned aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) announced it would mass-produce a ventilator prototype to meet the government’s need for such specialized health equipment in hospitals across the country during the pandemic.Martina Berto’s shares, traded under the code MBTO, have also seen an upward trend since mid-May. Between May 11 and June 5, the share price increased by 22.22 percent to Rp 66 per share. However, over the year the company’s shares have lost 35.92 percent of their value and closed 1.49 percent lower on Friday. The Jakarta Composite Index (JCI), on the other hand, rallied by 0.63 percent on the same day.Topics : Publicly listed cosmetics company PT Martina Berto, part of Martha Tilaar Group, has shifted its business focus to healthcare products as demand for beauty products dwindles amid the COVID-19 crisis.The company has begun to produce in-demand health products during the pandemic, including hand sanitizer, hand gel and disinfectant, as well as bottled herbal drinks.“There was a crisis in obtaining hand sanitizer, that is where the idea came from: why not produce it ourselves?” PT Martina Berto vice chairwoman Wulan Tilaar said during a webinar on Thursday. “Turns out this is the right strategy in order for us to survive this pandemic period.”The cosmetics company, whose products include PAC and Belia, has also seen the revenue for its red ginger product, an ingredient commonly found in jamu (traditional herbal drink), increase by up to 50 percent, Wulan said.The company’s move to shift to healthcare products is part of its so-called “survival program” amid the pandemic, as it has been forced to temporarily close its outlets and spas due to the social-distancing protocols to contain COVID-19.To offset the losses during the pandemic, the company also currently offers a spa home-care service, while strengthening its digital presence through online stores and beauty tutorials.last_img read more

PECO: Blackouts being used as black propaganda

first_img“To cut a long story short, all thethings that MEPC were accusing us of were untrue,” Cacho stressed. /PN Cacho lamented that MEPC madestatements not based on actual facts. “First of all, we must clarify thatPECO is a power distributor, not a power generator,” Cacho said in a statement.“We only distribute the power that is transmitted to us from the generators.” According to PECO head of PublicEngagement and Government Affairs Marcelo Cacho, the blackouts on Oct. 29 and30 were not of PECO’s making. Cacho said at around 5:23 p.m. of Oct.29, NGPC had an “issue” that caused the coal plants to shut down. The cause of the blackout was still beingdetermined by the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP) which earliersaid there was disturbance in its transmission lines. Cacho stressed that contrary to whatwas published in the papers, NGPC did not restore power after 30 minutes. “They also made issue of the fact thatof the four feeders which did not experience load dropping, feeder 13 where ourresidence is connected is included. But they conveniently withheld theinformation that feeder 13 covers one of the biggest residential areas, whichis particularly half of Jaro, Iloilo,” Cacho said. “When the system detects a problem,the coal plants automatically shut down for safety reasons. It then takes fiveto six hours to restart the coal plants,” said Cacho. “On this first day,contrary to what MEPC reported, it took only around six hours for power to be fullyrestored — the exact time needed to restart the coal plants,” Cacho added. ILOILO City – Panay Electric Co.(PECO) has accused MORE Electric and Power Corp. (MPEC) of using the recent twosuccessive days of power interruption as black propaganda against the former. On Oct. 30, there was again anotherpower outage at 8 a.m. when the submarine cable between Negros to Panay islandstripped, causing destabilization in the grid thereby forcing power plants inPanay to shut down. “In fact, we were checking for updatesfrom the NGPC, but nothing came. They only advised us that we can alreadyrestore power 11 hours after the power outage started. It was NGCP and not oursupplier who held back the clearance to restore because they had to stabilizethe supply of the grid,” said Cacho. Even then, Cacho added, they alreadystarted to implement rotating brownouts early on, contrary to what MEPCclaimed, but prioritized the residential areas that did not have generatorsets.last_img read more

2019/2020 NPFL Match Day 8 Results

first_imgRelatedPosts 2019/2020 NPFL gets kick off date + Week 1 fixtures 2019/2020 NPFL: MFM set to unveil new coach Following are the results of Match Day 8 fixtures in the 2019/2020 Nigeria Professional Football League played on Sunday:Kwara United 0-1 Heartland Plateau United 5-1 FC IfeanyiUbah Jigawa Golden Stars 2-1 Warri Wolves Lobi Stars 1-0 Abia Warriors Dakkada FC of Uyo 2-1 Enyimba International Rivers United 2-0 Katsina United Adamawa United 0-3 Sunshine Stars Played on Friday: MFM FC 3-0 Akwa UnitedPlayed on Saturday: Wikki Tourists 1-1 Rangers InternationalTo be played December 26: Nasarawa United vs Kano Pillars. NAN.Tags: 2019/2020 NPFLlast_img read more

Etihad set for expansion

first_img The plans revealed on Thursday will add a further three rows of seats at the pitchside level, and come in addition to the work already under way to add 6,000 seats to the South Stand. Both projects are due for completion in time for the 2015/16 season. Manchester City have announced a further expansion of the Etihad Stadium, which will take the total capacity to a little over 55,000. Press Associationcenter_img Tom Glick, City’s chief commercial officer, said on the club’s website: “We have always been committed to bringing fans closer to Manchester City, to the players and to the pitch. “Whether that’s through digital innovation, community work, international tours, or as in this case, physically allowing fans to be right next to the action, it is our top priority. We are already looking forward to seeing the expanded stadium in action for the 15/16 season.” City also have planning permission for a third phase of expansion which would see 6,000 seats added to the North Stand if carried out. last_img read more