EXCLUSIVE: Marcus King Dishes On Upcoming As The Crow Flies Tour, 2018 TTB ‘Wheels Of Soul’ Tour

first_imgFollowing a big year for Marcus King in 2017, the young guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and bandleader has a slew of exciting plans in place for this new year. Next week, he will set sail on his first Jam Cruise with The Marcus King Band. Later this month, he’ll head down to Widespread Panic‘s annual Panic En La Playa destination event in Mexico. This spring, his band will join Umphrey’s McGee for a run of dates, and mount a 7-stop tour in France. And that’s just the beginning…This week, King was announced as part of two separate hotly-anticipated tours: One as a member of Chris Robinson‘s new Black Crowes-themed project, As The Crow Flies, and the other with MKB serving as one of two supporting acts for Tedeschi Trucks Band‘s annual “Wheels of Soul” tour. In the wake of these two huge announcements, we spoke to Marcus about As The Crow Flies, “Wheels of Soul,” and the other various plans he has in store for a busy 2018.[Photo: Robert Forte]Live For Live Music: When did Chris Robinson first approach you about potentially being a part of As The Crow Flies?Marcus King: It was this past fall, almost winter time, when I first got that call from Chris, and I can honestly say I was immediately excited about the idea.L4LM: Did you have an existing personal or professional relationship with Chris prior to his reaching out to you about As The Crow Flies?MK: We’ve run into each other a number of times at shows and at festivals our bands have played together. Chris and I have always had a good time just hanging out and talking at those gigs.L4LM: Did you immediately say “yes” to the offer or was it something you had to take a few weeks or longer to think about?MK: Although it was something I was instantly excited about, I did have to pause and take some time to digest the whole idea. From a sheer gut standpoint, I thought it sounded like a whole lot of fun. However, after I took some time to think about it, I also thought how cool it could be to be around a group of musicians as seasoned as the players in As The Crow Flies, and that I could really learn a lot from all of them.  I also thought the As The Crow Flies tour could present me with a unique opportunity to just go out and be a guitar player in a band for once, as opposed to being the front man in my own band. All in all I think it will end up being a very humbling experience for me.L4LM: Any thoughts on your singing on the As The Crow Flies tour? Most folks who follow the Marcus King Band often praise your vocals…MK: As far as the fine details regarding the shows, we have yet to work all of that out but I can say we’ve talked about my singing a few songs and I’m sure I’ll be contributing backing vocals on some of the tunes we’ll end up doing.L4LM: Did you have any trepidation with regard to how the Marcus King Band’s fan base would react to you being a part of this kind of project?MK: I did, and I do. The Marcus King Band is stronger than ever right now. We didn’t want to send out nor create any false narrative that our band was coming to any kind of an end because that’s far from the truth.Once [MKB’s] next big tour starts, we will be coming out of the studio having just spent two months straight together. We always try to take a little time after long tours like that to clear our heads. Thus I thought the timing for the As The Crow Flies tour sounded kind of perfect.[Photo: Robert Forte]L4LM: Many MKB fans will likely see the As the Crow Flies tour as an opportunity to introduce you and the Marcus King Band to a brand new group of die hard music fans. Do you think the tour will benefit the your band in terms of exposure and growing your own fan base?MK: To be honest, that was never my intention. I only do something if it feels right to me personally, musically, and spiritually. When this came along, it just felt right to me in my heart. I can, however, say in retrospect that I have given some thought to how this tour could help bring some exposure to the Marcus King Band and I think it will end up being a good thing.L4LM: While you’re out on the As The Crow Flies tour, will the other members of the Marcus King Band be engaged with some of their own side musical projects?MK: All of us already go and do separate gigs when we’re off the road. Jack [Ryan, drums] plays with his band the Shady Recruits, and Justin [Johnson, trumpet/trombone] plays with a number of musicians including April Bennett and her band April B. & The Cool. Every band member has music projects outside of the group that they are excited about, and we all think that’s a real healthy thing. When all of us come back to the Marcus King Band, we’re able to approach both our old and new material with a fresh spin, and that condition’s existence allows things to stay creative within the group.L4LM: Black Crowes fans are both notoriously loyal and vocal. When both Luther Dickinson and then, later, Jackie Greene, joined the Black Crowes, there were certain segments of their fan base that reacted quite negatively. Surely many of their fans will show you love, but the haters will undoubtedly make their voices heard too. What, if anything, do  you have to say to any detractors regarding As The Crow Flies and your decision to be a part of it?MK: I have had this tendency at times where I’ve let myself get really overwhelmed by some of those kinds of things. However, I’ve learned from a number of people that have been in the business much longer than myself to just do things for the right reasons and to have your heart in the right place. If people can get with it, then that’s a wonderful thing. And if they can’t, you just try to get up on that stage and prove them all wrong.L4LM: How familiar are you with the Black Crowes catalogue and their music? Are there any Black Crowes songs you’re personally excited to play with on the As The Crowe Flies tour?MK: I’m definitely a fan of the Black Crowes, and in particular the Marc Ford era. I’m getting really excited about playing those songs and having the opportunity to put my spin on them. I’m a huge fan of Marc Ford and like many people in and out of the industry, I think he’s one of the best southern rock guitar players to ever play. I see it as a real honor to be able to go out and play those songs.L4LM: Fellow As The Crow Flies member Audley Freed was in the Black Crowes for the By Your Side (1999) and Lions (2001) years. It would seem that, from a guitar dynamics standpoint, you might be a fit to play lead on the earlier Marc Ford catalogue with Freed playing lead on the band’s later work. Is that something that has already been discussed and or worked out, or are those the kind of details that are going to be ironed out as you rehearse more as a collective?MK: I think that’s something we will talk about and work out more once we get deeper into the rehearsal process. In the early going I think we’ve at least agreed in principle that both Audley and I will share the lead role.Everyone in this group is a real tasteful player and a gifted musician. I think one of the most important things I learned from people like Warren [Haynes] and Derek [Trucks] was to understand when not to play–or, to put it more bluntly, when to shut up [laughs]. Hopefully I’ll be able to remember that once I’m up on the stage with these guys.L4LM: You’ve discussed already that you have some familiarity with Chris, but do you have any sort of previous relationship with the other musicians that will comprise As The Crow Flies in Audley, Adam [MacDougall], Tony [Leone] or Andy [Hess]?MK: I’ve hung out with Audley a few times and I know him through Warren, but I don’t think we’ve ever played together. I’m just stoked that I’m going to be able play with him and the rest of the guys in As The Crow Flies.L4LM: Chris has already intimated that the As The Crow Flies tour this spring will be a one-off thing that he doesn’t anticipate will extend beyond this initial tour. He did, however, leave the door open to more dates in the longer-term future. Would you be open to being a part of a future As The Crow Flies tour if things went well this time around?MK: I will always say the door remains open for anything, but the fact that this was a one-time thing was one of the main reasons why I was initially interested in being a part of it. I see the tour as an opportunity to just go out and have a really good time with some incredible folks.L4LM: You’ve played with Derek and Susan [Tedeschi] before, but this summer’s newly announced “Wheels of Soul” tour will be the first time that MKB will go out on an extended tour with Tedeschi Trucks Band. How did the Wheels of Soul tour come to fruition? Is touring together something you, Derek and Susan have talked about doing for a while now?MK: It’s kind of been in the air over last couple of years, and we all agreed that everyone would love to do it. We always have a lot fun and laughs when see each other, and fortunately the planets aligned to make the “Wheels of Soul” tour possible this year.[Photo: Derek McCabe]L4LM: Can you describe the nature of your personal and musical relationships with both Derek and Susan?MK: Derek and Susan’s personalities both on and off the stage are very warm, and they both welcome you in with open arms. It always feels like a warm and cozy bed when we’re around them. Derek, Susan and their entire band have all become very close friends of mine.L4LM: Tedeschi Trucks Band and the Marcus King Band seem to share some of the same musical DNA, with both your fan bases seeming like a natural fit for one another. Can fans expect Derek and Susan to join your band and vice versa for some unique collaborations on the “Wheels of Soul” tour?MK: I think that’s something that’s engrained in our nature. The fact that we enjoy each other’s company off the stage, it’s kind of just a natural extension to bring that vibe up to the stage with one another. L4LM: The Wheels of Soul tour will see the Marcus King Band playing venues in the 10,000 to 20,000 capacity area, so outside of the festival dates you’ve done, you’ll be playing to some of the biggest audiences the band has ever played to on tour. Do you see that as a challenge? Do you foresee any obstacles in translating the intimate vibe of a typical Marcus King Band show to much larger audiences?MK: It’s going to be something different for us, for sure. We’re definitely going to try and translate our intimate vibe into those larger venues and shows. It’s going to be a challenge but it’s one we’re all very open to and super excited about.L4LM: Beyond you and Tedeschi Trucks, Drive-By Truckers will also be along for the ride on the Wheels of Soul tour. Can fans expect your two bands to combine forces onstage for some covers and or takes on each other’s music during the tour?MK: I definitely foresee that as a possibility with Drive-By Truckers because they have a very similar vibe to us. The first time I met their drummer [Brad Morgan], I was in high school in jazz band class and our teacher, Bruce Caldwell, he had this special guest come in that turned out to be the Drive By Trucker’s drummer. So it’s kind of like things have come full circle for us.L4LM: Your father, Marvin King, is quite the guitar hero himself. You’ve called him the “best guitar teacher anyone could ever have.” Is there any chance Marvin joins the band on stage for a few tunes anywhere on the Wheels of Soul tour?MK: It’s always a possibility. If and when Papa King ever wants to come out and hang, there’s always a spot for him if he feels like jamming. We always love it when my dad comes up and plays a few tunes with us.[Photo: Robert Forte]L4LM: The Wheels of Soul and As The Crow Flies tours are still months away. In the interim, the Marcus King Band will be out on the road. Can you talk a little about what plans the band has for the remainder of the winter, spring and the first half of 2018 in regard to tours or recording?MK: We actually will be doing our first-ever Jam Cruise in a few weeks, and I think there’s going to be a bevy of collaborations on that tour. Then, in early February we are going to be headed out to do some dates with Umphrey’s Mcgee, which all of us are extremely excited about. Whenever we listen to those guys play, we all end up wanting to go back into the shed and practice more because they always seem to push us in these really positive directions.That will then be followed by the band doing a run through France throughout most of March where we’ll basically be touring the entire country. Around this same time frame, we’ll also be going into the studio for a couple of weeks to try and wrap up our third studio album. We are hoping to release a single before the Wheels of Soul tour starts and we’re also hoping that the new album gets released sometime later this summer.L4LM: Final question, Marcus. Recently, in New York, you were asked what fans could expect on MKB’s French tour this spring. You were quoted as saying, “There’s going to be a lot of mustards on that tour.” Would you care to expand on that thought?MK: There are lot of us in this band that are very big fans of various mustards, cheeses and baguettes. France has always been really good to us in terms of providing us with quality mustards and cheeses so I think we’re all looking forward to that.For a full list of upcoming As The Crow Flies tour dates, head here.To get the low-down on this summer’s annual Tedeschi Trucks Band “Wheels of Soul” tour featuring Drive-By Truckers and The Marcus King Band, head here.For a complete list of upcoming Marcus King Band shows, head to the band’s website.Contributing writer Robert Forte serves as the Managing Photography Editor at Rock Revolt Magazine, in addition to working as a freelance music writer and professional concert photographer. [Cover photo by Robert Forte (Instagram: @40_Photography)]last_img read more

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first_img Codere secures €250m credit lifeline on aggressive interest rates  July 14, 2020 Related Articles Mozzartbet sets sail in South America taking over Meridianbet Colombia July 22, 2020 Codere merges Italian fruit machine units forming CODWIN July 3, 2020 European business analysts are monitoring the movements of Bolsa Madrid gambling firm Grupo Codere SA closely, as the embattled company faces multiple obstacles in its corporate recovery.Following the publication of its Q3 2018 trading update (13 Nov) in which the company posted year-to-date net losses of €55 million, Codere has witnessed its share price collapse from €6.20 to €2.85 (Madrid index – 23 Nov).The heavily indebted Spanish gambling group (debt – €870 million) has been crushed by 2018’s Argentine Peso collapse hampering performance within its biggest operational market.A dire 2018 has seen Codere branded as Bolsa Madrid’s ‘biggest bleeder’, with the Spanish legacy gambling outfit losing circa €700 million in market capitalisation.Further nausea for Codere sees Bloomberg report that US fund Invesco has sanctioned a full-offload of its investment in the gambling group, as numerous debt holders appear anxious with regards to their holdings in the wounded enterprise.In its November update, Codere governance has stated that it was dealing directly with its Argentine market realities, undertaking corporate adjustments which will see ARG Peso inflation impacts separated from its core business reporting.At board level, Codere continues its legal battle with the enterprise founding Sampedro Family, who this November filed a US lawsuit against the firm’s US investors, claiming unfair dismissal and non-representation from the firm’s corporate governance structures. Share Submit StumbleUpon Sharelast_img read more

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first_img“Black box” inventor David Warren with one of his devices. With the advent of jet airliners in the late 1950s, analyzing critical details of aircraft performance became paramount during crash investigations, and two new devices were added as standard equipment on airliners. One was the “Flight Data Recorder” (FDR) which automatically records hundreds of parameters of flight information, such as engine performance, power settings, control surface inputs and movement, and all changes in attitude, airspeed, and altitude. The FDR provides investigators with a detailed “road map” of every second of flight up to the moment the aircraft comes to a stop.The second device is the “Cockpit Voice Recorder” (CVR) which captures recent intervals of conversation between pilots onboard the airliner, as well as Air Traffic Control personnel communicating with that aircraft. Valuable information can also be revealed through careful analysis of various sounds coming from inside the cockpit, such as warning horns, or the sequence of specific switches being activated. Although the FDR and CVR were originally referred to as “black boxes,” today with rapid post-crash identification in mind, they are actually painted a bright red-orange.last_img read more

Wimbledon 2018: Alexis Ohanian’s emotional tribute for wife Serena Williams

first_imgReddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian said he is a “proud” husband after his wife Serena Williams ended runner-up to Angelique Kerber in the Wimbledon 2018 final in London on Saturday.This was Serena’s first Wimbledon since she married to Ohanian in November last year.The 36-year-old lost 6-3 6-3 to Kerber — putting on hold her bid to match Margaret Court’s Grand Slam haul.It also stopped her joining Court, Evonne Goolagong and Kim Clijsters as the only mothers to win Grand Slam titles in the professional era.Serena only gave birth to daughter Alexis Olympia 10 months ago, and while she looked close to her best at times throughout the fortnight, she could not find her A game against the German at the All England Club.”Days after our baby girl was born, I kissed my wife goodbye before surgery and neither of us knew if she would be coming back.”We just wanted her to survive-10 months later, she’s in the #Wimbledon final.”Congratulations, @angie.kerber.”@serenawilliams will be holding a trophy again soonshe’s got the greatest one waiting at home for her. Our family knows she’ll win many more trophies, too.”She’s just getting started. And I couldn’t be more proud,” Alexis Ohanian wrote on Instagram.Serena spent a year on maternity leave and returned in March but had contested only seven matches prior to Wimbledon, arriving as the 181st-ranked player in the world.”JUST THE START”She was bumped up to 25th seed courtesy of her seven titles at the All England Club — the most recent in 2016 — and more than justified that decision. She will now be ranked back in the top 30.”I feel like I have a ways to go,” Williams said. “This is literally just the beginning, literally just the beginning.”It’s good to just continue that path and just continue to keep going for me.”I didn’t know a couple of months ago where I was, where I would be, how I would do, how I would be able to come back. It was such a long way to see light at the end of the road.”I think these two weeks have really showed me that I can compete. Obviously I can compete for the long run in a Grand Slam. I can come out and be a contender to win Grand Slams.”I took a giant step at Wimbledon. But my journey has just begun. Just have to keep going.””WONDERFUL SERENA”American great Billie Jean King said William’s run to the final so soon into her return showed how special she is.”It was a big day for Serena and it didn’t come true, but let’s face it, this shows what a wonderful athlete she is,” four-time Wimbledon champion King said.”Most people would not even be able to be here. I think by losing, it will incentivise her even more to do well for the rest of the year, to get really fit and get back. She will want to win it really badly next year.”ROYAL SUPPORTThe Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, respectively, stepped out for their first solo outing together on Saturday and it was for a Wimbledon match.While Middleton is a regular feature at Wimbledon matches, which she has attended along with her sister Pippa Middleton and her husband Prince William, Markle has only been spotted at the Centre Court only a couple of times.Back in 2016, when Markle was still an actress and philanthropist, she came to cheer for Serena during the Wimbledon final, which the latter won against Kerber.Markle, who is a close friend of Serena, was in the Royal Box to cheer for her friend and was seen looking visibly down after the American lost the match.Markle made an appearance in a striped blue and white shirt, which she paired with white trousers while Middleton floored in a patterned dress.Angelique Kerber’s dream comes true after maiden Wimbledon crownadvertisementSerena, ahead of the match, had spoken about her friendship with Markle, that dates back to 2010.The two reportedly first met at the Super Bowl in Miami, Florida. After that, they were clicked together a couple of times at the 2014 Super Bowl in East Rutherford, New Jersey and then at the launch of Serena’s clothing line during New York Fashion Week in 2016.(With inputs from Reuters)last_img read more

Weekend Reading

first_img ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read: Posted on October 29, 2010November 13, 2014Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)This week on the MHTF blog:We heard from Maria Laura Casalegno, a Young Champion working in MexicoYoung Champion Martha Fikre Adenew wrote about maternal health in LouisianaThe Maternal Health Policy Dialogue Series streamed live on the Wilson Center’s websiteYoung Champion Anna Dion updated us on her work in ArgentinaFormer MHTF staff member, Kate Mitchell, wrote about her work with community health workers in IndiaYoung Champion Onikepe Oluwadamilola Owolabi wrote about her first month of work in India Some weekend reading:Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni says maternal health is a priorityAn evaluation of women-led community mobilization intervention (PDF) for maternal and newborn healthA gel to replace the pill?Share this:last_img read more

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first_imgJoe Mixon practices with Oklahoma.Joe Mixon, a former five-star running back who was suspended for the entire 2014 season due to an alleged assault, has rejoined the Oklahoma football program. The 6-foot-2, 211-pound running back officially got back onto the Sooners’ squad in February. Bob Stoops announced earlier this month that Mixon will be practicing with the team but won’t be playing in the spring game. Here’s your first look at Mixon practicing in an Oklahoma uniform. Here’s your first look at Joe Mixon live in an OU football uniform. #Sooners pic.twitter.com/5C8I9B9adK— Nate Feken (@TheGreat_Nate) March 23, 2015Mixon, a consensus five-star player in 247 Sports’ Composite Rankings for the 2014 class, could be a key contributor for Stoops’ squad this fall. Oklahoma opens its 2015 season Sept. 5 against Akron.last_img read more

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first_imgzoom Copenhagen-based shipping company Clipper Group revealed plans to consolidate its bulk activities into three hubs.“Clipper will simplify its operational and administrative set-up in its strongest field of business, bulk… We will concentrate our bulk business in three locations: Copenhagen, Houston and Hong Kong,” the company said in a statement.Consequently, Clipper will close its offices in Stamford, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore and Beijing.As explained, the company’s offices in Barranquilla, Tokyo and Nassau will remain unchanged.“Fewer but larger hubs will allow us to service our customers and to operate our fleet more efficiently,” according to Clipper.“Within the last year, Clipper has grown its operated bulk fleet from 100 to 150 vessels. We want to make communication more effective and our response time to market changes shorter,” Peter Norborg, Clipper Group CEO, commented.Clipper Group operates a fleet of around 150 Handysize and Supramax vessels. In addition to bulk, the company has complementary businesses in the RoRo and ferry segments.last_img read more

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first_imgWest Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini has dismissed reports that he was concerned about his starting line ups getting leaked in advance.According to reports on Friday, Pellegrini was vexed by a Twitter account that has correctly predicted West Ham starting line ups for months.“First of all, it is not true – it is a lie. I am not angry about that.” Pellegrini told Sky Sports.“Not aware (of it) because normally, in every team I manage before, the day before the game I work with set-pieces.“So, all the players know the day before – who will play, who will not play.“So many players can talk with other players. I am not keeping the starting 11 until three or four hours before the game.Report: Rice is committed to West Ham not a United moveReport: Rice is committed to West Ham not a United move George Patchias – September 4, 2019 Declan Rice is committed to his West Ham contract and not a move to Manchester United.In an interview reported by football.london, Rice opens up…“There are a lot of reasons why some people can know the team.”Asked if he knew who was responsible for the tweets, Pellegrini added: “I don’t have any idea.“I am not worried about that, I am only worried about trying to win three points.“If you play against Chelsea, against Watford, against Liverpool, you are sure it will be the same starting XI (from those teams).“I don’t hide too much about the starting XI.”last_img read more