Shanghai dragon Er do four new sites included in the details within 24 hours

first details: website space, website space must be stable, I it refers to the stability refers to the speed of space cannot unsteadiness, many friends who do web site is to buy the virtual host, and now have a lot of friends do direct acquisition, it will affect the speed of the server, maybe with you a server inside another station would not open, that if you choose a slightly better point of space, basically I mainly watch with me, a Ip site for a total of more than I do, the website server inside generally more than 10 website, if your space is put in a foreign country it may take 2-3 days, read more

nverse Psychology method in the optimization process of Shanghai Dragon

all in Shanghai Longfeng people are now trying to do only one goal: first place! But we do in Shanghai Longfeng also should consider the user experience, good, ranked first, is indeed able to produce large amounts of traffic, but if you do a survey, or personally do you go online to buy the product, there is not such a small comparison? Goods than three

for example will more clearly: if a love website ranking fifth in Shanghai, 4 are better than it is to meet the needs of users. The user will have what kind of behavior? Sure on this website deal! Then detailed, if a user will click on the search results, and finally point to when fifth users think: "Wow! For it is!" at this time, the user will no longer click on other results, I do Shanghai dragon of the fifth of the search results is defined as: "search end point station". read more