Long term medical website optimization ranking rules

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can clearly see the website in this picture can reach 1000-2000, but the web site included page only 1800 articles that do the medical industry friends all know, the website included medical industry 1000-2000 page is said to be in the commonplace, a picture of the next look below so you can understand why the website only included 1800 page web site traffic and so.

although we can’t see optimization rules within him, but we must first master the others was outside, only the Suns to fight, the picture show is his this page address, can see this page with PR but also the chain of this site only for as can be imagined, this page do external optimization do the optimization technique for internal. read more

How to solve the reason of website snapshot not update

snapshot problem caused by

Three, the chain

, a website.

five, the content written

two, to solve the problems caused by the revision of the

four, the website not open space caused by the snapshot problem

according to all accounts, so every day to update the site, start and did not find a snapshot of the site is restored, but hard work pays off, while more than half a month of time in the past, the website began to update snapshot faster. Now the basic is updated every 3 days, sometimes I feel it every day snapshot. read more

How to match the best keywords

3. positive positive minimum matching: free Shanghai dragon tutorial


many webmasters think just to get some combination of keywords on the line, in fact, keyword matching combination is very important, if you can put this way hold good, then I believe you definitely is a Shanghai dragon master, key words are divided into positive "minimum matching" and "maximum matching" and "positive minimum and matching

simple example: Shanghai dragon training _ dream Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon training learning tutorial read more

How to establish their own chain network in a short period of time


there is many webmaster is relying on a large number of blog to maintain the chain, so that we can use the same method to establish several authoritative blog to your site, such as Sina, Sohu, love Shanghai and so on, and every copy update the content of Web site and then update my blog every day naturally, the increasing accumulation is not a small chain of wealth.


when it comes to collect the chain, when we started the best is to own industry related top site record, and then to the chain resources query each other site by webmaster tools, here I recommend to query by YAHOO, because the chain of YAHOO relative to other search engines more accurate. The method is as follows: link: site. Everyone in the link. We must remember that in front of the domain name with HTTP, because it can make us more accurate to find the opponent site outside the chain, as far as I know this method is not used a lot, because more tired, but the effect is good. To investigate the source of the website chain from the rival site, thus further analysis and record. There is Links we can use their sites to visit, to record a chain of QQ, after the Links paved road. read more

s there a panda baby before optimization after the noble penguin Shanghai dragon Er how to move

optimization is a "noble baby it pours, the ship was delayed again, with the wind" to a series of nobility baby update algorithm, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er continuous encountered panda algorithm and recently hit the penguin algorithm. I believe that many domestic foreign trade site of Shanghai dragon Er have been greatly affected. Before the start of this article the author contacted several foreign trade website of Shanghai dragon Er friends, according to their second speed, in this update regardless of their personal or company, to a certain extent, have been affected. The noble baby algorithm change to severe punishment base station sites, the chain group, the use of black chain or single use collection site. A site or some escaped, but I believe the effects of renewal in the next wave of algorithm will continue to expand. read more

How to stand in the user’s point of view website optimization


second: love Shanghai love those new behavior? Change the title, change the layout, change the path, the garbage outside the chain, brush flow etc..

how to stand in the user’s point of view to optimize the website

so the user at the point of view of the website optimization, is the love of Shanghai all users as our users, not only those services may buy your products and services of the people.

Shanghai will abide by the rule of love love Shanghai respect the user experience, you have to love good service users in Shanghai. Shanghai love through our website to meet his user experience, and we get the harvest traffic and commercial interests, which is the foundation of our sex Shanghai ranking. So, as long as there is love in Shanghai, the needs of users in our website are not met, love Shanghai will take our ranking. read more

Mining and analysis of long tail keywords

in the increasingly fierce competition, Shanghai dragon increasingly competitive era, the popular keyword is no longer a new website that facing the Internet a space for one person, the rules of survival, we should use the way of how to improve the traffic to your website? In addition to continuously improve the target keywords, we should dig up some of what keywords? Let’s talk about mining and analysis of long tail keywords.

2, a small amount of competition small long tail keywords search. Long tail keywords search volume is very small, there may be a day only a few dozen or a dozen or even several IP, IP is also possible. But because these keywords search volume is very small, so the competition is very small. As soon as we can to improve the ranking of these keywords. read more

Meet the needs of the user site title and describe the influence ranking of Shanghai Dragon

The The

can be seen from the above cases, need to include direct customer demand and implicit demand site title settings. Direct demand, the same site basically understand and do, but if you can grasp the user’s implicit demand, compared with the industry has the advantage of There is nothing comparable to this website. Let’s look at a more detailed example. We search the "Yunnan tourism" this keyword, love Shanghai tips are as follows:

top three websites, all highlight the word, Yunnan tourist guide on the contrary, only includes the Yunnan tourism website, ranked second place in after. Correlation between site title and user needs that the ranking depends largely on. But this effect, generally only in the first three pages of the website. read more

Love Shanghai search results to launch sitelink function

love love Shanghai brand area:

in Shanghai upgrade the search results are displayed before, before Shanghai sitelink is just love love Shanghai exclusive privilege of the products, such as the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, now offers a wide range of sitelink function covering most brand word. When combined with the SEM brand display, will have a great role in promoting the brand users love Shanghai. About in the purchase of the brand area when brand users can occupy the first screen 70%, if add a PPC result, the combination of sitelink and brand website related love Shanghai brand products, users in the screen share love Shanghai home will further push up, it is to enhance the brand image. read more

How to use a software to do a website link

3, the anchor text link with the site keywords

, a link station

The anchor text links to

is a website link factors will not be less, it can be said that the entire site is composed of links, through reasonable links, users can to get to the page, thus increasing user stickiness, growth PV, helps to increase the user experience, so that love Shanghai would be in favor of your website, time for a long time and the weight of the website will gradually increase, the ranking is naturally high, today Chong Shanghai dragon talk about how to use insect insect software links, see together. Chong Shanghai Dragon said the link is divided into two parts, one is the optimization of the link is a link station optimization. read more