How much will each Premier League club stop earning?

first_imgNorwich19.043.133.2625.43 Aston Villa22.17,3.655.7431.56 And after these calculations, Manchester United is the one that loses the most money. It would stop earning 62.9 million euros for Premier League rights, 22.95 million in revenue per game day and 66.24 from its establishments, making a total of 151.79 million euros, that is, almost 50% more than what it cost them Paul Pogba (105 million), the most expensive signing in its history. Sheffield50.602.091.9654.64 Wolverhampton54.902.876.1363.90 Brighton31.174.962.6138.73 Tottenham54.6421.9131.69108.23 The newspaper Daily Mail has done a study on how much money each club in the Premier League would lose due to the coronavirus crisis. He Liverpool reversed his ERTE after pressure from fans and some clubs have joined, such as the Manchester Citywho will not make layoffs knowing that if a large England doesn’t do that, the rest should follow suit. Meanwhile, teams like Tottenham have already announced that they will fire their employees, while the Norwich City it already has.But regardless of what is decided in this regard, the British newspaper has made a rough estimate of the money each club will lose from the television rights of the English league, of the expected income on game days (such as tickets sold) and from the collections of the stores. For this they have taken into account details such as the position in the leaderboard (television income was going to be distributed, among other things, depending on the position), the remaining championship games or those that each had left to play at home. All thinking about the assumption that the competition does not resume.Premier League club losses due to coronavirus West ham32.347.828.6148.77 Burnley45.643.2616.3065.20 Chelsea64.2914.2140.29118.80 Liverpool71.9817.7344.08133.79 Arsenal52.1620.0825.3097.54 Newcastle39.646.266.6552.55 Crystal Palace41.602.484.3048.38 ClubTVParty dayShopsTotal Southampton33.644.174.0441.86 Manchester City69.8918.1354.38142.40 Leicester63.242.876.3972.50 Manchester United62.5922.9566.24151.79 Watford26.342.352.8731.56 Bournemouth23.862.612.3528.82 Everton41.994.179.3955.55 Total901.72167.70342.561,411.98 The other city team, Manchester City, would be second with 142.40 million losses, while Liverpool would be third (133.79), Chelsea fourth (118.80) and Tottenham fifth (108, 2. 3). Arsenal, already below 100 million in losses (97.54), would be the sixth, closing the group of the six most powerful clubs in England. This means that they would lose more than their most expensive transfer cost, since From Bruyne (76), Van dijk (84.65), Kepa (80), Ndombélé (60) or Pépé (80) did not reach these figures. This, at the same time, is proof of how the transfer market could be affected once your next window opens.However, those clubs also generate a large amount of income, so they have more leeway to get ahead even if they tighten their belts, unlike the rest. Perhaps mid-table clubs have more problems than any other, especially Wolverhampton. (sixth), the sheffield (seventh) or the Burnley (tenth). They do not usually generate as much money and they would stop earning a lot for television rights thanks to their good season.Everyone except the Bournemouth (28.82) and the Norwich City (25.43), they will lose at least 30 million euros if the remaining nine days of competition are not disputed (ten in some cases), making a total of 1,411.98 million euros in losses (901.72 in television rights, 167.70 on game days 342.60 from the collection of their establishments) And if we add up what all the English First Division clubs would stop winning during the pandemic.last_img

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