Boweh Foundation to Host ‘Lift Liberia International Festival 2016’

first_imgThe idea of an international festival is to attach a brand, culture, sound of music or particular experience that is supposed to be quite intense, like the displaying of phenomenal works of art or a particular genre of music. People will, especially marketers, associate that brand, culture, community, music with that experience, and be reminded of why it is so important or worth listening to.That is the hope and aspiration of Boweh Foundation Limited’s (BFL) CEO and Founder, Mr. Jerry Boweh; BFL Director, Mrs. Lena Thomas-Marshall; and Mr. Eleazer Ikpeze, for marketing, managing, promoting, developing and raising funds for the showcasing of all ‘projects,’ both charity and business, pertaining to Liberia. Their interest for creating and connecting Liberia’s heritage and roots, and creating a social and economic traffic to Liberia has this year inspired the team of three to host the ‘Lift Liberia International Festival’ from August – December 2016.In preparations for climaxing with the popular, annually celebrated Notting Hill Carnival in London this year, Boweh Foundation Limited will host its occasion with a month packed with activities and events. The ‘Lift Liberia International Festival’ will debut in London this August, before travelling to Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and back to London. ‘Lift Liberia’ will then be brought to Liberia from November 28 – December 4, 2016, an exciting revelation to the Liberian public, who have yearned over the years to be able to participate in big events.According to BFL, “The festival will display Liberia’s arts, culture, food, music and its people. Some of the events scheduled are the Liberian arts exhibition, concert, football tournament and a Liberian Day. All these events will climax with the Notting Hill Carnival in London.”According to the team, the main objective of the festival is to “revive, strengthen and proudly identify with the heritage of Liberia.” “We wish to achieve this through celebration of cultural diversities and building cultural capacities through the medium of arts and sports on a festival platform. We also want to create a way to rehabilitate, reconcile, unite and develop together as a people without political, religious or social differences.Through the various activities and interactions, a better relationship can be built and informal learning can be enhanced (to) promote Liberia positively on the global platform,” Boweh Foundation said in a statement.Liberia will, for the very first time this year, be actively involved in the Notting Hill Carnival, where they will be able to feature cultural performances and some Liberian musicians, added the BFL.Some of the participating local luminaries, like popular and highly acclaimed artist Leslie Lumeh of Daily Observer newspaper and former Daily Observer newspaper cartoonist Chase Walker, will be exhibiting their artworks. There are still many guest appearances (under wraps) and featured artists to announce. LIB LIFE will continue to update in this column as information surfaces.Meanwhile, Boweh Foundation Limited is the mother company that strongly promotes and collaborates with Diaspora organizations in capacity building at all levels. Revealing Liberia’s untouched culture, history and connections around the world, their activities vary from presentations to organizing high level events to achieve their goals and purposes. Sadly, tickets are sold out for what seems to be a highly anticipated event; and not to let the cat out of the bag, they are working towards getting some very big names and actors onboard. LIB LIFE will get an exclusive when that happens.More on the ‘Lift Liberian International Festival’ from BFL:Cultural Exhibitions – LiberiaStreet CarnivalThis will be approached like Carnival in any country but relating to what the participants want to bring to the show through our theme and direction and their creativity. We hope to design the street event with colors, sounds and some visual entrainments as a memorable site not to easily be forgotten. This will include Liberian schools, organizations, institutions and individuals. This will also invite the Diaspora to participate where they feel comfortable for participation.Art & Craft ExhibitionExhibit all art collections and presentations, and where the exhibition is staged, have a food and drink court attached.(Contact BFL on this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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