Storage: Robust Growth Predicted

first_imgIBM’s ‘Toxic Terrabyte’ predictions may be a bit over the top in estimating how quickly today’s storage demands will scale to out-of-control proportions.  A more conservative estimate, but one that still indicates robust growth in the industry, was released from The Advisory Council (TAC).  The TAC report estimates that Storage Demands will grow consistently 30-50% annually through 2010.Software and Hardware changes are simplifying storage management, streamlining data management to reduce costs, and introducing storage virtualization to allow the creation of giant aggregated data stores.TAC attributes to a lot of the growth in storage demand to collaboration tools like email and Instant Messaging and the need to capture those communications for regulatory compliance.  They also point to enterprises that are adding storage to achieve data redundancy and high availability.It’s interesting that while the report sees enterprises adding storage devices to provide data redundancy of entire data stores, the newer and smarter storage devices being introduced are able to determine redundancies within a particular data store and to compact the total storage by eliminating redundancies within that data store.The report also finds more and more enterprises moving away from tape and other backup media and adopting disk-based data storage.last_img

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