Wanted Near Work Zones Considerate Drivers

first_imgMotorists may notice a great deal of road work taking place across the province this summer. The Department of Transportation and Public Works and the Nova Scotia Road Builders Association begin a construction zone safety campaign today, June 21. Radio, TV and print advertisements will run throughout the summer. “In exchange for better roads, drivers need to be patient over delays and considerate of road workers,” said Angus MacIsaac, Minister of Transportation and Public Works. Orange cones, traffic barrels, and temporary condition signs are usually all that protect highway workers from drivers during road construction. Drivers can get frustrated with delays, triggering dangerous behaviours. Chris Bond knows the consequences. He works for Dexter Construction, where he often has the job at the tail of the paver, controlling the depth of the asphalt. While working on Highway 102 near Halifax, Mr. Bond was walking inside the work zone, when a produce truck hit him. “It could have been the body or the side mirror of the truck. But when I hit the ground, all I knew was that my foot was run over,” Mr. Bond recalled. The traffic was so heavy and so fast that he and his co-workers had been worried. “They saw me get hit and heard the thump of my body against the ground.” Carl Baillie, president of Nova Scotia Road Builders Association, said the least mistake by a driver can lead to vehicles entering the work zone and injuring or killing workers. “There’s a lot of information to process in a work zone,” Mr. Baillie said. “People need to slow down so they can take it all in.” Some things to remember are: Pay attention, especially in the approach to the work area. Slow down when orange barrels, cones and signs are present. Even when work is not underway, there could still be hazards. Do not pass other cars in a work zone or in the transition area. Expect the unexpected. Fewer lanes, new detours, a traffic control person — the roadway may change. Increase space between vehicles, to allow extra reaction time in case of a problem.last_img

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