Brock grads build Habitat home

By Becky Henderson, BBA ’13 candidateBrock alumni, Jennifer Barton (BTS ’10), Erin MacNeil (BSc ’00), Christina Bosilo (BA ’03), and Jeff Capel (BPhEd ’06), in the Philippines with Habitat for Humanity.Five Brock alumni did not hesitate to say yes when they heard about the opportunity to go on a Habitat for Humanity build in the Philippines.Shylo Pruyn (BA ’05)On March 21, Erin MacNeil (BSc ’00), Christina Bosilo (BA ’03), Jennifer Barton (BTS ’10), Jeff Capel (BPhEd ’06) and Shylo Pruyn (BA ’05) arrived in Los Banõs, Laguna where they stayed at Trace College. This location was a 45-minute bus ride from their build site in Calauan, Laguna, where they worked on townhouses in a community construction atmosphere. The crew consisted of the five Brock alumni as well as 13 other people from across Canada. They, alongside local families who had benefited from earlier Habitat for Humanity builds, built 11 houses in seven-and-a-half days.For some alumni, like Jennifer Barton, it was the first Habitat build. Barton caught the travel bug after going on an exchange to North Carolina. When she heard about the trip from Christine Bosilo, a fellow alumna, Brock employee and crewmember, she could not pass up the experience.“Participating in this Habitat for Humanity/Global Village build in the Philippines was an amazing experience,” said Barton. “Our team, the home partners and everyone at the Habitat for Humanity affiliate in the Philippines made my first build one to remember. I can’t wait to see where my next build takes me.”Other alumni have experienced similar trips and could not wait to jump back on the bandwagon. Capel has travelled to El Salvador with Habitat before, and when Bosilo told him about the trip to the Philippines, he knew he was ready to travel with Habitat again.“If this is something you’re interested in, then just go for it,” said Capel. “If you want to do it, then do it. Taking a vacation to help others adds extra meaning to your trip.”Although there were some brushes with heat stroke, the good definitely outweighed the bad. In addition to getting to experience a new culture, Brock alumni crewmembers will forever have the memories of the hard-working families and vibrant children they met.For more information on Habitat for Humanity and Global Village visit or

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