18 unmistakeable signs youre a Southside Dubliner at heart

first_img1. Drinking cans on the seafront is the best summer day ever Source: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland2. It will always be Lansdowne Road, never the Aviva Source: clavel93. You’ve spent more nights in the Wezz than you care to admit Source: Gav4saxAcceptable substitute: Bective.4. Teddy’s ice cream is a pleasure like no other Source: infomatique5. You don’t have anything AGAINST the Northside as such. There’s just no reason to go there. Source: Photocall Ireland6. You’ve swum the Forty Foot on Christmas Day Source: Laura Hutton7. You remember the Fun Factory in Dun LaoghaireNow reduced, tragically, to this nostalgic Facebook page.8. You know at least one person who claims to have been at this Nirvana gig Source: SMcGarnigle9. Either your school had a nickname… Source: Photocall IrelandSee also: Alex, the Gick, ‘Zaga.10. … or you’re sick of being asked ‘what school did you go to’ Source: Shutterstock11. The Long Mile Road at rush hour is part of your personal hell Source: Google Maps12. You once owned a pair of Dubes, even if you now regret it Source: Graham Hughes/Photocall Ireland!13. You remember nights in Club Sarah in Rathfarnham and Club 92 in Leopardstown Source: Facebook14. You have to tell people from Bray that they’re from Wicklow, not Dublin Source: infomatique15. Before Dundrum opened, you were really excited about The Square Tallaght Source: damien_farrell16. If you’re a girl, you spent the entire early noughties without using a hairbrush Source: YouTube17. You know the view from the DART as it goes around Killiney hill is one of the world’s best Source: infomatique18. And the sight of the Poolbeg towers across the bay will always mean ‘home’. Source: PhotocallSouthside forever.21 unmistakeable signs you’re a Northside Dubliner at heart>18 things every Dubliner knows for sure>11 reasons why Cork might actually be better than Dublin>13 things you know for sure if you’re from Galway>last_img

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