16 reasons why dogs should be held like babies

first_imgWE DON’T KNOW about you but we reckon dogs are pretty great.And if like us, you really respect our canine brethren you’ll know that the best way to hold them is like babies.It gives them the respect and attention they so badly need.We’ve rounded up some of the best dogs being held like babies moments on the internet to prove our point.1. The dog being held by a posh personThis dog is being held by professional posh person Tara Palmer-Tomkinson like a posh baby living in a posh house.Posh.Geoff Caddick/PA Archive/Press Association Images2. The dog being held like a large baby in a restaurantPossibly reading the specials menu:via Daily Picks and Flicks3. The dog being held like a baby by Zayn from One Direction4. The dog that may be too large to properly hold like a babyEven if a dog seems to big to be held like a baby they are not.Got it?via Dog Talk 1015. Using your holding a dog like a baby skills to improve a selfieThe kids will do anything for a good selfie these days6.  The mother holding a dog like a babyThe kids might too old for a hug but never the dog7. Holding dogs like babies beside a racecarAll the rageMichael Conroy/AP/Press Association Images8. Taking your dog held like a baby on a sleigh ride Anthony Devlin/PA Archive/Press Association Images9. Holding your dog like a baby in a really awkward wayGet it together Cheryl Cole.Get it together.PA Wire/PA Archive/Press Association Images10. Letting your dog rest its head on top of yours like a giant babyThis guy must have incredible upper body strengthFairkid / Tumblr11. The dog who is clearly very relaxed by being held by Dennis QuaidThis dog is just happy to be here by the looks of thingsvia Crap We Like12. The dog who may be harassing its ownerWe feel like this dog might be just invading the owners personal space a tad13. Holding your dog like a baby in some flattering lightThere’s no point in doing all that solid dog holding and not have one of your mates photograph the act in some nice lighting14. Making another dog jealousThis video shows one dog being held like a baby and another dog looking a bit jealous that they aren’t being held.We’ve all been there.John Steele / YouTube15. Holding your dog like a baby watching cyclistsDogs love sports too you knowChristophe Ena/AP/Press Association Images16. Holding a dog that’s afraid of needles Go forth and hold your dogs like babies!4 pets that can ALMOST reach… but not quite>9 out of 10 classic celebrities prefer dogs…>last_img

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