Could the new Kinect bundle be the cause of scratched discs

first_imgWhile I love playing on my Xbox 360, I have to admit I own one of the older consoles and I have always attempted to nurture it. I go as far as laying the console flat on a hard surface with plenty of ventilation and install all my games onto the hard drive so “A” I don’t overheat the console (thus attempting to stop the cause of the RROD), and “B” I don’t put any wear and tear on the disc tray, which as many of you may or may not know has been known to cause problems with discs in the past.Whilst I have never experienced these issue, news that we reported back as early as 2006 showed that Microsoft’s earlier consoles suffered with the disc scratching problem. So it comes as a surprise when we heard news that a reader of KitGuru was experiencing issues with the latest Xbox 360 console, the model that comes shipped as an all-in-one bundle with the new Kinect system.Apparently after an hour of playing Kinect Adventures (a game that comes as part of the package), he heard a rumbling noise emanating from the disc drive, this rumbling noise then turned into a louder clattering noise. After popping out the game disc, he found that the disc surface had been chewed to bits by the drive. Of course the incident could have been a one off, but more and more reports emerged from readers stating similar problems.Whilst Microsoft has yet to comment on the matter it seems that the incident is only affecting the Arcade style Kinect Bundle, which leads me to believe that the the speed of the drive (which does go like the clappers when it reads discs) mixed in with a poor batch of discs was probably the main cause of the problem. I’ve seen similar issues with dodgy discs on PC drives.It would be interesting to see if other game discs got mashed by the disc drive, at this point alarm bells would need to be raised, but until we get an official response on the matter we can only speculate at this point in time.Read more at KitGurulast_img

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