Google News now offers Badges to its devout readers

first_imgBesides announcing its $9 billion quarter, Google also announced a new feature to its popular news service. For those who read a lot on Google News, there is now a sharable news badge for each topic. Starting today, in the US, you can earn Google News badges for reading what you care most about.Google is encouraging users to “come badge up.” To earn a badge, you have to be signed into a Google account and have your web history enabled. You’ll earn badges by clicking on articles on either your desktop or mobile device.The more you read, the more your badges will level up. Meaning, if you read 10 articles a day about Harry Potter, you’ll earn a Harry Potter badge. The left-hand-side of the badge shows stars, and you can earn up to five stars to show you’re a true Harry Potter news fan. You can reach Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and the best of the best, “Ultimate.”The badges that appear for you are private by default, but you can share your badges with your friends via social networks like Google+. Sharing a badge reveals the badge name and level in addition to the number of articles you’ve read about that subject. However, your friends won’t be able to see the specific articles you’ve read.There’s also an option to turn off all Google News. Additionally, you can hide a specific badge from your collection by hovering over it and sending it to the trash can. Once trashed, these badges can’t be restored.If you want to be the first of all your friends to have a slew of Google News badges, Google recommends reading a few relevant articles every day to level up faster. Google says that if you read a couple of articles a day about the same topic, you should earn your first badge in about a week.This is just the first step of Google News badges as the company plans to test the waters to see how badges are used and shared before they take it to the next level.In other Google News news, the company has decided to split its Sci/Tech section into two separate sections. Now the super techy nerds who just want to read about Apple and tablet news all day won’t have to scroll past a story about the rediscovery of the Rainbow Toad.via The Official Google Bloglast_img

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