Businesses are losing 15 billion due to employees playing Angry Birds on

first_imgThe U.S. economy has been struggling for years now, and there are a multitude of reasons for that: the collapse of the U.S. housing bubble, declines in credit availability, and all that mess with the banking system. Oh, and apparently Angry Birds.  According to research people are playing 200 million minutes of Angry Birds a day, which has been calculated to be cost business $1.5 billion in lost wages.We definitely can’t blame the economy on Angry Birds — the game was first released in 2009  at least a year after the economy started to tank. However, it’s interesting to put the numbers in perspective. The Atlantic used the same methodology that has been used in the past to calculate how much money companies lose around Fantasy Football or NCAA tournament time.As it turns out if people are spending 200 million minutes per day playing Angry Birds, that’s 866.7 million hours per year. Also, if 5 percent of those hours are spent playing at work, that’s 43.4 million hours that are spent playing the game while on the clock. The equation used uses $35 as the average hourly pay, and we’re assuming a lot of Angry Birds players don’t make that much, but that adds up to a cool $1.5 billion.Even the author of the post admits that there are some “really big assumptions in this calculation.” One being that five percent of the total number of Angry Bird hours are played during work; and two being the $35 average pay range.If people are indeed spending that much time at work playing Angry Birds, we’d like to counter the notion that this is a bad thing with a recent study we covered showing that taking a breaks during work by surfing the web actually made employees more productive in the long run. So, perhaps taking some time during work to play a level of Angry Birds can have the same positive effect?Read more at The Atlanticlast_img

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