Recordbreaking iPad tradeins probably mean recordbreaking iPad 3 sales

first_imgIt’s that time of year. With every iPad rumor that makes headlines, the resale value of older iPads drops. When Apple sends out invitiations to its event — as it did yesterday — the floodgates are opened. Thousands upon thousands of used iPads hit the second-hand market, their owners hoping to cash in before the second-hand value drops even more.That flood is now slamming upon eBay. In addition to its standard auction market, the site also offers an Instant Sale program, where it will give you a straight-up cash offer for an item. Customers are taking up eBay on its Instant Sale offers in record numbers.The offers are positively Gamestop-esque. For example, a 16GB original iPad will fetch $192.05, and a 16GB iPad 2 will get you $275.16. These are well below standard resale value, but many customers are willing to take less to avoid the hassle of starting an auction or dealing with Craigslist.This year, eBay reports that trade-ins of iPads are up 10x from February of last year. The site has generated over 122,000 iPad offers. That number will have surely grown by the end of the day.It makes sense that February would be a big iPad resale month, but why the spike from last year? First, there are many more iPads in customers’ hands now. That alone would lead to a surge over last February, when there was only one generation of iPad available. Last year, many original iPad owners had just bought their tablets during the 2010 holiday season, so there was less urgency to upgrade.Another big factor in the surge is that everyone who has read the news during the last three months knows that this year’s iPad will offer a major refresh — featuring the long-anticipated Retina display. Last year, it wasn’t clear how big of an upgrade the next iPad would be. The iPad 2 was indeed a relatively minor refresh over the O.G. iPad, so many of those iPad 1 owners held onto them. This year, though, those customers are ready to upgrade (in addition to many iPad 2 owners).The other thing this signifies is that the iPad 3 is going to break all kinds of sales records. If you’re looking to get one early on, you’d be wise to pre-order as soon as you can. That is, if Apple allows pre-orders this year (it didn’t for the iPad 2).via CNETlast_img

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