Google preps Chrome for Macbook Retina Display resolution

first_imgThe refreshed Macbook Pro line-up and their 2880 x 1800 Retina Displays are the talk of the tech world, but there’s a downside if you’re an application designer. Your old apps just don’t look as great on the razor-sharp screen as those designed with the resolution bump in mind.Apple, of course, has had plenty of time to ensure that their stable of apps is ready for the Retina Macbooks. Apps like Final Cut Pro, Aperture, and Safari. That last one is particularly interesting, since it would at least temporarily give Apple an edge on the new machines. Why deal with fuzzy text and graphics when Safari can render them flawlessly?Google is moving quickly, however, and has already begun implementing support for Retina Displays in Chrome. The changes are currently taking shape in the Canary Channel, which would typically mean they’re more than three months away from landing in the Stable  build.But with so much buzz around the new Macbooks — and so many Google employees no doubt eyeing them up — it’s hard to imagine that they won’t fast track support and push the improvements out as soon as possible.While visuals are important, Google is no doubt taking a look at the performance claim Apple made at WWDC, too. They served up a slide showing that Safari 6 beats both Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome 19. Chrome 19 is almost ready to be bumped, and Chrome 20 and 21 will both feature numerous improvements and tweaks to the V8 JavaScript engine.Both may already be faster than Safari 6, but that wouldn’t have made a very good slide to show off to the Apple faithful.More at the Google Chrome Bloglast_img

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