Teenager drugs parents to keep surfing past 10pm

first_imgThere’s always going to be complaints when you ask a teen to turn off their PC and go to bed, but one 16-year-old girl decided to circumvent her 10pm Internet curfew with drugs. The drugs weren’t for her though, they were for her parents.The girl figured out that the only way to keep surfing after 10pm was if her parents weren’t around to stop her. But she also couldn’t exactly throw them out the house, so she came up with another plan: put them to sleep.Borrowing her friend’s prescribed sleep medication, she offered to buy her mom and dad a milkshake. They accepted, she mixed in the meds, and they started slurping them down. Only, they didn’t taste quite right and had a “crunchy texture.” It didn’t matter though, as after drinking a quarter of the shake both parents were asleep and she was free to surf all night.I guess you could see this as a clever solution to her problem, but waking up confused and not making it to bed the previous night obviously made her parents suspicious. They subsequently took drug tests, monitored Internet use for a while, and finally confronted the daughter who admitted to the crime.You may think that’s the end of the saga and the daughter is now under more strict rules at home, but it’s actually much worse for her. Both the daughter and her friend (and partner in crime) have been arrested on charges of conspiracy and “willfully mingling a pharmaceutical into food.”How this proceeds now depends on the parents. They decided a trip to Juvenile Hall was the best way to deal with this and hopefully stop it happening again.via CBS Sacramento [Image credit: David Richfield, NickSS]last_img

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