Pokémon X and Y How to catch a shiny Pokémon

first_imgThe most elusive and desirable prize throughout the Pokémon series has always been a shiny version of your favorite pocket monster. Concerning Pokémon X and Y, rumors have been circulating that the shiny encounter rate has been adjusted to be more friendly. There are also a handful of strategies believed to increase your chances of running into a shiny, and one of them is as easy as pressing a button.Tipping NPCsThroughout the game, you’ll be offered the option to tip NPCs either $100, $500, or $1000. Many gamers around the internet are claiming that they ran into a shiny shortly after tipping an NPC $1000. The only shiny I have ever encountered in the wild throughout the series is a shiny Oddish, and I happened to run into it just after tipping the photographer outside of Parfum Palace.After testing the theory at length after that shiny encounter, I have not run into another shiny as of yet. So, take the rumor with a grain of salt.Masuda MethodNamed after Game Freak producer Junichi Masuda, this method was programmed into the series beginning in Generation IV, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The normal rate to encounter a shiny in the wild or through breeding is 1/8192, or about a 0.01% chance. Using the Masuda Method, though, increases the probability. In Diamond and Pearl, the rate is multiplied by five, or about 1/1638. In Generation V — Black and White — the chance is multiplied by six, which is 1/1365. Though still quite low, both chances are much preferred to 1/8192.The Masuda Method is simple enough to pull off, it just happens to be extraordinarily tedious. If two Pokémon of differing geographical regions are bred together (such as one from America and one from Japan), the more favorable Masuda percentage is applied to the resulting egg. Simple as that. The reason why this method is tedious is because breeding is tedious, as you have to continually mindlessly walk a ton of steps to hatch each egg. Granted, an increased shiny hatch rate is much more desirable to a 0.01% chance for a shiny encounter.Poké Radar chainingThe Poké Radar is back in Pokémon X and Y; you can obtain it from Professor Sycamore’s lab on the second floor after you beat the Elite Four. In previous iterations of the franchise, you could “chain” Pokémon using the radar, and if done correctly, you can detect shiny Pokémon in the grass. The method is tedious, but one of the only reliable ways to obtain a shiny critter. Poké Radar chaining has not yet been officially confirmed (normally via hackers looking over the games’ code) as a working method in the newest installments, but gamers have been reporting that it does work, seen in the video below.The actual process is easy enough — you just activate the Poké Radar and tediously walk around until you see a glittering grass patch, as shown above. However, there are a ton of different little rules that apply to that walking around. In short, you create a chain by running into the same Pokémon over and over again. Each time you run into that very same Pokémon (for instance, you keep running into Oddish), your chain increases. When your chain increases, your chance to run into a shiny version of the chained Pokémon increases. The cap has always been set at 40, which increases your chance to run into a shiny from 0.01% to 0.5%.When you use the Poké Radar, you’ll see various patches of grass shake, as demonstrated in the above video. To keep the chain going, you have to walk into a new patch of grass that shakes the same way your previous patch of grass shook. Another important part of chaining Pokémon involves using Repel items to ward off normal wild Pokémon. If you run into one of those, your chain is broken. Other weird actions also break the chain, such as moving into the patch of grass above (it appears behind, due to the perspective) your character’s head, or moving into a patch of grass that forms a corner (two edges of the patch do not touch other grass tiles).Radar chaining is insanely in-depth, and if you’re going to try the practice, you can check out an equally in-depth guide over here.Catching your shiny PokémonOther than the above three methods, there are so far no other discovered ways to increase the chances of catching a shiny Pokémon. The more players spend time with the game, the more likely it is that a new method will be discovered. However, shiny Pokémon are meant to be insanely rare, so don’t bet that Game Freak will have made obtaining one (not counting event giveaways) something other than a chore.last_img

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