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first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram From inception up until the setting up process, how did you start your business?Being surrounded by creative people from a young age, with an artist for a mother and fashion designer for a God mother, I naturally developed a passion for the arts and in particular fashion. My early exposure to pattern making and fashion gave me the confidence to develop my own creativity and I began to make my own sample pieces. Enjoying this and not necessarily wanting to take a conventional path and study Economics or Accounting, I knew at that point I wanted to venture into the world of fashion and share with the world my ideas. I studied fine arts at University, followed by a textiles course which gave me the platform for my first business ‘Madelaine’s True Confessions’. A unique high-end label in the 80’s, targeted at women daring to be different. Experiencing a good level of success with four stores and magnificent personal exposure. Wanting to start a family I shifted my focus into a new direction and created ‘Bodylink Menswear’ which featured in the Australian Fashion Awards in 1993. I combined this with freelance consulting and styling celebrities for The Don Lane Show and the Ernie Sigley show. With growing exposure in the entertainment industry, I also worked on many events.Wanting a more hands on approach I started to draw my attention to the conceptual side of things with styling sets, stages and creating themes. From this ‘Mandi Creative Services’ was born in 1995, and has led me to style and Direct events such as Miss World Australia, Miss Teen International, the Grand European Ball, the Ford Australian Open in 2000 and other sporting events such as the Mooney Valley Racing Carnival. My event design and directing is now also accompanied by Interior decorating for residential homes as well as commercial establishments such as Ocean Blue Restaurant/Bar and the Amber Lounge.How is business currently?As most of my clients derive from word of mouth within the industry and repeat business, there’s never a dull moment. I’ve recently completed the design of Pop Restaurant/Bar on Hardware Lane in the CBD, a new cafe called the Red Emporer in Kew and styling at Melbourne Fashion Week for designer Jason Grech. I’m also working on several other projects including a calendar for Woodstock Bourbon to be released at Christmas, with several other irons in the fire.What would you say stands out as the comparative advantage of your business over the competition?From the beautiful to the bizarre and the distinctly unique I work in conjunction with my clients to create a tailor made concept that fulfils their business needs and wants within their specified budgets. This ensures that they receive the greatest return on their investment. In addition to this, I always say it as I see it and always deliver on my promises. What is the vision for the future of your business?To continue to challenge myself with adventurous designs, be innovative and aspire to leave an impression on all my clients. Do you have any creative tips?Continue to expose yourself to diverse environments and circumstances as it’s imperative to recreate your space and yourself. Follow your instincts and always be bold and brave in your choices.Has your Greek Australian background been an influence to your work?My Greek/Cypriot background has had a profound influence on my way of life as well as my career. I was brought up understanding that family comes first and it has to be complemented by hard work to succeed. Hence, my mantra has always been to work hard and play even harder. Like all Greeks the basis for success derives from wanting to create a better life for my family. Our outgoing nature as people, innate courage and rich history in design and arts has aided my ability to confront adversity head on, influenced my creativity and instilled in me the tenacity required to succeed in the modern business world.last_img

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