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I protested against the beliefs of the movement I said I am not writing modern poetry I will write in my language and my folklore For me it was like a freedom fight I was burning with anger when I wrote Helatena Kela It is about a demon who takes the form of a tiger and comes to Shivapura It kills the chieftain (Gowda) and returns to the village by turning into the Gowda [For me that is like the] British coming to shlf1314 which is when we were introduced to the concept of history History separates the past from the present It separated us and all our poets from the past The East shlf1314 Company introduced us to the concept of museums — we didn’t need them before that They declared that the vidya you have in your language is false and we accepted that All of this which the movement ignored I questioned You often speak of different conceptions of time in your work The British divide the past present and future We don’t It is one continuum We have the concept of chiranjeev The Hanuman who appears in Ramayana also appears in Mahabharata A woman in a folk song for example talks about her son and Krishna playing together She doesn’t see Krishna as a god who accompanies the Pancha Pandavas but as her child’s friend Whatever we want our gods to be we create it Even our gods have no boundaries of time Was there criticism that what you wrote was folk and not literature The modern poets criticised it harshly He is still a folk poet they said dismissively Once Rammanohar Lohia had come to Sagar in Shimoga district where I was working in a college He heard me recite Helatena Kela He liked it a lot Here is a poet who opposes colonialism he said Until then I didn’t know that I was doing such a thing I was proud of myself Every poet starts with his personal experience which provides him with a mythology of images and symbols — that is the mother tongue of all the poets in the world I believe my language of folklore is capable of expressing the most modern ideas The people of Shivapura are not the audience of my work My readers are in the city probably because my poetry appeals to the villager living in the heart of a city dweller Tell me about your relationship with AK Ramanujan Ramanujan invited me to Chicago University in 1968 I was a lecturer there for two years We had to teach one hour a week He was the head of the department So we had plenty of time We used to talk and talk and talk He had liked Helatena Kela He said you have done something good and original I even presented a paper on folk theatre in Karnataka where I argued that Brecht’s idea of ‘distancing element’ and the concept of ‘living theatre’ were already in our plays What did you talk about We shared stories If Ramanajun told one story I would tell an equivalent story When he told me about the Narcissus myth I told him about ours In the Greek myth Narcissus is a beautiful man who falls in love with his own reflection and dies In an shlf1314n folk tale a beautiful prince marries a girl But he goes to the river instead to look at himself His corpse stared back at him He pulled out the corpse put it in his lap and ate it When his belly was full he would throw it into the water and go home Our myth unlike the Greek one comments on the action as well Those conversations helped me a lot It confirmed my beliefs in Shivapura and folklore The Shivapura of Shiva’s Drum has a lot of anguish about how farmers’ lives have changed The British went away but we adopted the economy they left us Even now we have IAS officers ruling us We could have made an economy where farmers are central Instead we keep saying progress and competition That’s what the novel says is wrong Are you writing anything now I am writing a novel on Mahmud Gawan the prime minister of the Bahamid Sultanate in Bidar He was a fascinating man from Iran — a poet and an administrator His interest in business brought him here and he built an international university in Bidar He fought for his king against the Vijayanagara rulers and taught them the use of gunpowder for the first time But he had many enemies and eventually their conspiracies led to the king ordering him to be killed Do you wish to go back to Ghodgeri? We think stylist Shaleena Nathani could have picked a better outfit. encourages her to confide in him. The party will be facing another by-poll for the Vikas Nagar seat in the near future. told public radio station WHYY before the election.

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