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“The $10 million is designed to get the program started, it never advanced.Carstensen and her colleagues tracked about 180 Americans between the ages of 18 and 94. We have also tried to capture growing urban population through our offerings in smart range. they call for peer-reviewers to ignore those summaries,arguing that they have no business predictingwhat research may produce an economic windfall They also blame this financialmindset and a lack of private industry investmentfor causing a decline in the UK’s leadership in science as reflected in a decreasing frequency of Nobel Prizes In a news story THEnotesaresponse byPhilip Esler chief executive of the Arts and Humanities Research Council that includes this comment: Research councils will not be disadvantaging blue-skies research nor stifling creativity The impact statement is not designed to ask peer reviewers or applicants to predict future benefits It is intended to allow the applicant to highlight potential pathways to impact especially through collaboration with partners and to help the research councils support them in these activitiesRs 27,3 looks a lot like the Sennheiser Momentum and comes with soft leather earcups that surely give you luxury close to those beauties. Last year Svante P?bo’s team at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig Germany offered a startling solution: Perhaps the “Neandertal” mtDNA actually came from modern humans In the new study paleogeneticists Johannes Krause and Cosimo Posth of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena Germany test this wild idea with ancient mtDNA from a Neandertal thighbone found in 1937 in the Hohlenstein-Stadel cave (HST) in Germany Isotopes in animal bones found with the Neandertal suggest that it lived in a woodland known to have vanished at least 100000 years ago Researchers compared the coding region of the HST Neandertal’s mtDNA with that of 17 other Neandertals three Denisovans and 54 modern humans The HST Neandertal’s mtDNA was significantly different even from that of proto-Neandertals that date to 430000 years ago at Sima de los Huesos in Spain suggesting that their mtDNA had been completely replaced But the HST sample was also surprisingly distinct from that of other Neandertals allowing researchers to build a phylogenetic tree and study how Neandertal mtDNA evolved over time Using modern humans’ mtDNA mutation rate to calculate the timing the researchers conclude that the HST mtDNA split from that of all other Neandertals at least 220000 years ago The ancient H sapiens’ mtDNA must have entered the Neandertal lineage before this time but after 470000 years ago the earliest date for when modern human and Neandertal mtDNA diverged That’s early enough for the new form of mtDNA to have spread among Neandertals and replaced all their mtDNA “The mtDNA of Neandertals is not actually from Neandertals but from an early modern human from Africa” Krause says The researchers speculate that this key mating may have happened in the Middle East where early H sapiens may have ventured Other researchers find the scenario remarkable but plausible “It seems magical but this type of thing happens all the time … especially if the populations are very small” Gronau says For example the mtDNA in some grizzly bears has been completely replaced by that of polar bears Krause says But some experts say DNA from other Neandertals is needed to prove that their mtDNA was inherited entirely from an early H sapiens rather than from an ancient ancestor the two groups shared “Is there other evidence of another [early] mtDNA introgression event” asks Chris Stringer of the Natural History Museum in London Not yet Posth says P? PHOTO MUSEUM ULM Neandertals and modern humans started mating early By Ann GibbonsJul. even though the?

There are a lot of rumours doing the rounds.

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