Shanghai dragon Er do four new sites included in the details within 24 hours

first details: website space, website space must be stable, I it refers to the stability refers to the speed of space cannot unsteadiness, many friends who do web site is to buy the virtual host, and now have a lot of friends do direct acquisition, it will affect the speed of the server, maybe with you a server inside another station would not open, that if you choose a slightly better point of space, basically I mainly watch with me, a Ip site for a total of more than I do, the website server inside generally more than 10 website, if your space is put in a foreign country it may take 2-3 days,

After the

third details: in preparation to make the site on the line, the young pioneers to make websites inside a 10-20 article, some people do a website, directly submitted to love Shanghai, love Shanghai crawling over a look not what content sites, certainly not so early to be included, at least 2 days included in.

second details: I haven’t done the navigation station, recently a few hours is also included, I think there is web site navigation station should not so easy to record it, in fact, as long as the layout of the program is no problem can quickly included I use the official 114 navigation program now, a lot of friends do the station is to love or to buy such a cheap Taobao ASP program, in fact, these programs are a problem, you may not see the website front, if you look at the program of the old problem can be found, so a website to have a good ranking procedure is best not to go wrong.

fourth details; do the above is to let the spider crawling website, first to Shanghai to collect his love collection site, the second step to love Shanghai Post Bar a web site posts, your website belongs to what kind of station you will find the corresponding Post Bar issued a third step is to Links exchange platform release, probably a 60. Some people all of a sudden so many will not have a problem, my experience tells me there is no problem, because your site has not been included in Shanghai is not good K love you, even if you send 60, fell in love with the background Haicha it becomes 10 outside the chain, when you will put out a normal website.

website also included, don’t do what the chain, just waiting to love Shanghai review of it, we all know that it is not just the ranking after the ranking you bold optimization, during the audit we invited to update every day.

Shanghai Longfeng there for several years, but also often visit the forum, found that there are still a lot of friends can not grasp how to love Shanghai, and I’m here today to pay you a few steps so that the new station was developed in Shanghai included love, I used this method there is no problem, if today I do morning afternoon station will be included in the general collection in 5 hours. I have introduced, how to do to see you own executive ability.

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