nverse Psychology method in the optimization process of Shanghai Dragon

all in Shanghai Longfeng people are now trying to do only one goal: first place! But we do in Shanghai Longfeng also should consider the user experience, good, ranked first, is indeed able to produce large amounts of traffic, but if you do a survey, or personally do you go online to buy the product, there is not such a small comparison? Goods than three

for example will more clearly: if a love website ranking fifth in Shanghai, 4 are better than it is to meet the needs of users. The user will have what kind of behavior? Sure on this website deal! Then detailed, if a user will click on the search results, and finally point to when fifth users think: "Wow! For it is!" at this time, the user will no longer click on other results, I do Shanghai dragon of the fifth of the search results is defined as: "search end point station".

of course, I don’t believe that every user will have a way to operate, but the operation is relatively large proportion! (this is the research I do personally). When we understand the "search end point station" is defined, then do Shanghai dragon, I believe you will effort.

so how are we going to use "Shanghai dragon inverse psychology law? When you do website when you think about getting behind the future traffic keywords >


we think about, whether they make love Shanghai, Google as the search engine rules: if a search result is always the last one click user’s words, search engine will think this result solves most of the user’s final demand. To solve the problem of the more users, the search engine is the end result of the love search website and search engine will put the rankings, this is the final end point station search concept! I also take this result is called: "the inverse method of the psychology of Shanghai dragon". This is I mentioned: when we understand the "search end point station" is defined, then do Shanghai dragon, I believe you will mean more. The reason is very clear, we do not Shanghai, put the first goal for Shanghai’s first love, so you do it will be very tired, may give up halfway, lose confidence. We can put the first goal for the love of Shanghai fifth, or sixth, seventh bits can be optimized, so you is very easy, when you are (website) can really solve the final demand of the vast majority of users, believe that your site is not as easy as blowing away the dust ranked to the first. This is not more effective? Friends website as we like: stuffed edge network, the 贵族宝贝niangyuan贵族宝贝/ keyword "Shanghai matchmaking" at present Google is now ranked fifth or so, now we have met, because has reached our initial goal (of course, this is not the final goal), I believe that with the user experience, also use "Shanghai dragon Inverse Psychology method to optimization, I believe the future will be better ranking.

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