Long term medical website optimization ranking rules

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can clearly see the website in this picture can reach 1000-2000, but the web site included page only 1800 articles that do the medical industry friends all know, the website included medical industry 1000-2000 page is said to be in the commonplace, a picture of the next look below so you can understand why the website only included 1800 page web site traffic and so.

although we can’t see optimization rules within him, but we must first master the others was outside, only the Suns to fight, the picture show is his this page address, can see this page with PR but also the chain of this site only for as can be imagined, this page do external optimization do the optimization technique for internal.

In March 5, 2012, the

can see the figure on reality there are many long tail keywords are ranked in the home page, there are about 300 words about ranking! So as can be imagined web traffic is brought about by most of the long tail word. So how do they do so many long tail rankings? Below was Hu Peibin to analyze.

to make friends who can understand, I had a long tail word love Shanghai, "long tail keywords contact dermatitis do" as shown in the figure see clearly out of love of Shanghai is ranked second out of bidding! Simply looking at a picture of the people do not know the optimization rules.



Monday in the optimization technique analysis of medical industry website, found a common characteristic, medical sites are the long tail word ranking, while the main keywords ranking there, but as long as the web traffic is the long tail word ranking is very good, a small amount of web traffic tail word and main keywords general average ranking. Below to get a Beijing skin specialist hospital website as a case analysis for everyone.

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