How to solve the reason of website snapshot not update

snapshot problem caused by

Three, the chain

, a website.

five, the content written


two, to solve the problems caused by the revision of the

four, the website not open space caused by the snapshot problem

according to all accounts, so every day to update the site, start and did not find a snapshot of the site is restored, but hard work pays off, while more than half a month of time in the past, the website began to update snapshot faster. Now the basic is updated every 3 days, sometimes I feel it every day snapshot.

I personally done two site test, two sites are updated daily articles. At the beginning of two, a snapshot of the station are the same, is updated once a month later, with longer time optimization, snapshot two sites also slowly opened, a website every day I hand written, statements are relatively smooth, the snapshot is updated more frequently, once 3 days. Another snapshot of a website is updated every half a month, this is not my own writing, is to copy some related articles from the network above, for pseudo original, made statements are not fluent. Included is needless to say, many articles are not included, only a few articles included.



before I have a website that is updated daily snapshot. But later in the program, start snapshot is not updated, I have to go online to find a lot about the change caused by the program website the answer to the question, the most people is to love and do 404 Shanghai submitted map, also is a daily updated website article.

all said the chain for the website snapshot has no effect, here I want to say to you, before we were wrong. Because a snapshot of my website, there is a problem, I just use the refuse outside the chain of tools to solve the love of Shanghai.

website snapshot is always in a few months ago, the website also has daily updates, where exactly is the problem? I also love Shanghai in the above snapshot problem to do some research. Found there are many reasons for not updated snapshot, and the following were colleagues burst broke.


believe that the webmaster friends all know not open space on the site caused many problems. So to find the space business, we must find some of the more famous company. The author because before the cheap, bought a waste of space, the cost of only 19 yuan a year. After later found the garbage, 3 days on both sides of the open, I began to update daily snapshot, since the change of the space junk basic snapshot for more than a month ago. Later I changed my space, as usual every day to update the article, two weeks later, I returned to the website snapshot.



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