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3. positive positive minimum matching: free Shanghai dragon tutorial


many webmasters think just to get some combination of keywords on the line, in fact, keyword matching combination is very important, if you can put this way hold good, then I believe you definitely is a Shanghai dragon master, key words are divided into positive "minimum matching" and "maximum matching" and "positive minimum and matching

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not only to do a good job in matching up, but also a top three keywords analysis of competitors is how to write, they are how to match, we can refer to how to match the most appropriate, note that not all the same as the first mock exam interview with keywords, keyword search as like as two peas. The engine will pull into the blacklist, may also not included, this note, through the analysis of key words good competitors how to write, it will be important keywords on the front, the best is to " _" symbol to indicate that the search engines to determine which is the most important keyword is better.

will be the most popular is the main keywords to optimize on the home page, and the directory will be general keywords to optimize home page, equivalent to Grandpa, and the directory is equivalent to the father, but the inside pages is equivalent to yourself, to optimize in the choice of keywords is to do, to optimize the upper layer according to the key words for example, page optimization is "Shanghai dragon training", and the directory can, "Beijing Shanghai dragon training Shenzhen" or "Shanghai dragon training", the two key words search volume is great, but in the "split" best Beijing Shanghai dragon training "and" free Beijing Shanghai dragon Institutional Firms a series of words, if the directory is "Shenzhen Shanghai dragon training", so in the "keyword matching" Shenzhen Shanghai dragon mechanism which good "" deep Shenzhen Shanghai dragon company free training "means a class to inherit the keyword matching.

is on the left side of the weight is higher, the more complete matching of keywords optimization is better. When the owners in the choice of keywords is the best important keywords on the front, is also the first few words, will not be the most important keywords in the back, as far as possible to complete matching keywords, because of the combination, not fully optimized matching, in the choice of key word index problem will be observed, if the index is very high it is best match, if the index is low then you can choose the maximum matching or matching, this optimization is simple a lot.

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2. is the biggest match: Shanghai dragon



1. is the minimum matching: Shanghai dragon training. Shanghai dragon dream. Shanghai dragon training practice. Learning tutorial

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