How to establish their own chain network in a short period of time


there is many webmaster is relying on a large number of blog to maintain the chain, so that we can use the same method to establish several authoritative blog to your site, such as Sina, Sohu, love Shanghai and so on, and every copy update the content of Web site and then update my blog every day naturally, the increasing accumulation is not a small chain of wealth.


when it comes to collect the chain, when we started the best is to own industry related top site record, and then to the chain resources query each other site by webmaster tools, here I recommend to query by YAHOO, because the chain of YAHOO relative to other search engines more accurate. The method is as follows: link: site. Everyone in the link. We must remember that in front of the domain name with HTTP, because it can make us more accurate to find the opponent site outside the chain, as far as I know this method is not used a lot, because more tired, but the effect is good. To investigate the source of the website chain from the rival site, thus further analysis and record. There is Links we can use their sites to visit, to record a chain of QQ, after the Links paved road.

first, we start from the need to develop good habits and a collection of the chain, and then can be stored using the text format.

for each stationmaster, start a new station, in addition to the internal optimization, often still need the chain and the old station huge to compete, as long as it is in the capital and the ability to search engine rankings and the old site to compete, so as to obtain the ranking flow. But from the perspective of the novice webmaster, we have no outside chain network resources too much, do not know how to get outside the chain, excellent in today, I put my how to build the chain resources network method in recent years to share with you, hope to help novice webmaster.

is also the BBS signature of the chain resources, we all know that Xu almost many forums can be added to the anchor text link in the signature of the search engine is the most important anchor text links in the link, so we would also like to collect a large amount of resources, often active in it thus, in the signature entry website links, so that the effect is good, especially in some large forums, such as A5, behind, tui18 and so on, there are some local forums are also possible. Of course, this also is to rely on their own collection, or analysis of competitors to obtain, here I share with you some of the more effective method is the local name of the forum format for love Shanghai, for example, the Zhengzhou forum Xinxiang forum, China hundreds of provinces and cities, so we run the accumulation, you say it is is not a small forum outside the chain of wealth? Haha, in fact the chain is very simple, as long as you are willing to move the brain, the chain is everywhere.

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