s there a panda baby before optimization after the noble penguin Shanghai dragon Er how to move

optimization is a "noble baby it pours, the ship was delayed again, with the wind" to a series of nobility baby update algorithm, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er continuous encountered panda algorithm and recently hit the penguin algorithm. I believe that many domestic foreign trade site of Shanghai dragon Er have been greatly affected. Before the start of this article the author contacted several foreign trade website of Shanghai dragon Er friends, according to their second speed, in this update regardless of their personal or company, to a certain extent, have been affected. The noble baby algorithm change to severe punishment base station sites, the chain group, the use of black chain or single use collection site. A site or some escaped, but I believe the effects of renewal in the next wave of algorithm will continue to expand.

I guess most of the webmaster will choose ZenCart in construction site, the conventional website program Magento, which is our preferred program in the construction of foreign trade site. So flooding procedures of the station may be your site to the search engine’s effect is not too good. I have a personal suggestion, the author thinks that we should avoid using the conventional template program can be used, but the path we need to change the template site of the one and only. At the same time, we don’t take the easy way, a template is applied to many different sites. If you have technical conditions, can try to develop their own set of CMS system.

promotion should be gradual

: a selection of station program.



as we need to consider in the establishment of the data content is not collected, is not collected by the tool storage is great, without much effort you can set up a large number of data. Yes, yes, before we all do. Repeat the consequences of doing so is the content, the search engines do not love stereotyped contents site. We need to do is to update the manual editing, although the same product, we can re write documentation, to produce high quality original content. Time has not collected in the noble baby.

I do optimization of nobility baby more than 3 months, with a friend of his noble baby optimization way >

as the saying goes backward will be beaten, for some sites we need to change the optimization strategy, not just like the past numb by piling up, with the help of garbage stations, need to face the noble baby, want to live for a long time, optimization of formal methods is essential. Below I will finish on how to deal with the noble baby algorithm change, do the optimization of foreign trade site noble baby needs to change Shanghai dragon strategy. After the last test, the effect is good, which I will share with you in the following.

, the content of twoShanghai dragon Er

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