How to stand in the user’s point of view website optimization


second: love Shanghai love those new behavior? Change the title, change the layout, change the path, the garbage outside the chain, brush flow etc..

how to stand in the user’s point of view to optimize the website

so the user at the point of view of the website optimization, is the love of Shanghai all users as our users, not only those services may buy your products and services of the people.

Shanghai will abide by the rule of love love Shanghai respect the user experience, you have to love good service users in Shanghai. Shanghai love through our website to meet his user experience, and we get the harvest traffic and commercial interests, which is the foundation of our sex Shanghai ranking. So, as long as there is love in Shanghai, the needs of users in our website are not met, love Shanghai will take our ranking.

yesterday, Lou loose blog has an article "pessimistic view: 2014 Shanghai dragon because there will be a large number of unemployed people", the author I can say is a mediocre Shanghai dragon Er, serious narrow eyes. Still use 10 years ago to look at 2014 Shanghai dragon.

90% is to check the information, did love Shanghai for friends all know, one hundred flow love Shanghai promotion, can have 35 consultation has been very good, there are 10% that it is god. Why? Because the Internet platform has become more and more obvious, shopping, you will find Taobao Jingdong such as Amazon, buy a ticket to go where you will, then, I boldly predicted: the future of love Shanghai will have such a trend: light commercial, heavy information. Shanghai love can only affect the purchase decision, and do not produce commercial behavior. There is a proof: now love Shanghai more and more low bid hits.

from the user’s point of view is the key to optimization, analysis of user needs, the user has what demand, we must understand and follow up and to satisfy them, not only to meet the user performance, but also mining users say not clear, no potential demand said. The reason I am in front of the blog has already stated, I want to say today is not only to meet the needs of users, but also abide by the rules of the game of love Shanghai.

The first

user experience is the priority among priorities in 2014 Shanghai love ranking optimization. Only can solve most of the needs of the user site, will it be possible to fall in love with the sea in front of him. So today I talk about how to optimize the site from the user’s point of view.

comply with the market rules, do not earn money to merit. We need to understand, love users in Shanghai what are the characteristics?

love users in Shanghai

we do rankings do users in the framework of love in Shanghai, of course, should abide by the rules, it is like you are in the market for selling vegetables, you first must obey the market management, if you do not comply with the market, free price, customer is of interest, but you disrupt the market order. The marketing manager will take you away.

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