Mining and analysis of long tail keywords

in the increasingly fierce competition, Shanghai dragon increasingly competitive era, the popular keyword is no longer a new website that facing the Internet a space for one person, the rules of survival, we should use the way of how to improve the traffic to your website? In addition to continuously improve the target keywords, we should dig up some of what keywords? Let’s talk about mining and analysis of long tail keywords.

2, a small amount of competition small long tail keywords search. Long tail keywords search volume is very small, there may be a day only a few dozen or a dozen or even several IP, IP is also possible. But because these keywords search volume is very small, so the competition is very small. As soon as we can to improve the ranking of these keywords.


5, the number of long tail keywords, unlimited mining. Our target keywords said the site generally set for 2-4, however, it received the limit to the number of keywords, then for long words we can according to different industries, through different hobbies, performance, use, comprehensive mining season, will get a lot of long tail keywords, and these long tail keywords can be our website cumulative flow.

features of long tail keywords

1, a "long tail keywords". Long tail keywords consists of several words, or a phrase, and when the user does not want to search the contents of users or answer in short term, will increase the length of the key is used to find the content they want or answer.

refers to the long tail keywords target keywords website, and has a small amount of keywords search can be understood as the long tail keywords.

1, mining long keywords should be related to the content of your site. We can’t dig the long tail keywords, should be according to the correlation of the goal of the website keywords and website, the station or a large number of long tail keywords mining, there was no correlation between the long tail keywords mining may have a negative impact on the website.

The Internet

2, the long tail key > Mining

notes long keyword mining


4, high conversion rate. The long tail keywords has strong pertinence, so it has strong pertinence. For example, when a user searches for "Chengdu summer training school" then said the customer is in Chengdu, but also to participate in the summer training. Although the long tail keywords search volume is small, but they can fully reflect the strong willingness of customers.

, what is the long tail keywords

3 is strong. For the range of target keywords or keyword is quite light, and long tail keywords has strong pertinence, such as the range of target keywords "training" refers to a very wide, and the "Chengdu accounting training" range is relatively small, and then for the Chengdu accounting training school "and" Chengdu summer accounting training school these keywords has very strong pertinence.

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