Meet the needs of the user site title and describe the influence ranking of Shanghai Dragon

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can be seen from the above cases, need to include direct customer demand and implicit demand site title settings. Direct demand, the same site basically understand and do, but if you can grasp the user’s implicit demand, compared with the industry has the advantage of There is nothing comparable to this website. Let’s look at a more detailed example. We search the "Yunnan tourism" this keyword, love Shanghai tips are as follows:

top three websites, all highlight the word, Yunnan tourist guide on the contrary, only includes the Yunnan tourism website, ranked second place in after. Correlation between site title and user needs that the ranking depends largely on. But this effect, generally only in the first three pages of the website.

and the content of the need to focus on the needs of users, do Shanghai dragon pursuit ranking, but we also need to take into account the user’s thoughts, "

Conclusion: the title and description of

search results, the top three web sites include price word, visible user is very sensitive to the price, which is consistent with the characteristics of enterprise website products. But open web content, basically are not about price, typical in the flicker user, the feeling of being fooled. Good website, need the content and the title is consistent, although not in these sites have been a few times in the upgrading, the good estimate is not too long.

can be seen in the figure, traveling in Yunnan, the biggest demand is three points, namely: Raiders, attractions, maps, you can imagine, if your title contains the three point implicit demand of users, the click rate is not higher? Below is the "Yunnan tourism" ranking.

in addition, consistency of title and description, the contents of the three, is also an important factor affecting the quality ranking. What is the title of the party, is refers to cheat click, no actual content is to write the title of the post as if it were raining flowers. In the industry as an example, we can search for "wrecker" and "wrecker price" of the word, the results are as follows:

title and description is the most important site in the meta information content, most sites will be based around a word "the principle of setting up the website information. Such as weight Taobao guest website, the "slimming" "slimming method" as keywords. However, the selected keywords webmaster, often according to the key words flow oriented, without considering the specific information needs of users, we try to search "lose weight method", ranked first in the website as follows:

content of the title is "[] winter winter slimming slimming method, winter diet, winter weight loss recipes", although is a kind of method to lose weight, but very specific, but also one of the biggest feature is the highlights of the winter season, the word, and the two words and weight loss method in the just seem to love Shanghai word combinations, and not deliberately website keywords.

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