Love Shanghai search results to launch sitelink function

love love Shanghai brand area:


in Shanghai upgrade the search results are displayed before, before Shanghai sitelink is just love love Shanghai exclusive privilege of the products, such as the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, now offers a wide range of sitelink function covering most brand word. When combined with the SEM brand display, will have a great role in promoting the brand users love Shanghai. About in the purchase of the brand area when brand users can occupy the first screen 70%, if add a PPC result, the combination of sitelink and brand website related love Shanghai brand products, users in the screen share love Shanghai home will further push up, it is to enhance the brand image.

love Shanghai Youku search results show:

love Shanghai sitelink and the Shanghai dragon

Shanghai sitelink vs Google sitelink

Shanghai sitelink vs



with love Shanghai search results update, to further enhance the user experience. For some there is no sitelink display site, Darwin suggested during the test analysis of site operation repair, show the reasonable adjustment of station structure in order to promote sitelink (love Shanghai temporary lack of background sitelink adjustment function)

love Shanghai Youku search results show:

careful students are not difficult to find, compared with Google mature love, Shanghai is currently the sitelink lack of each column of the lack of relevant content, from the appearance is a little bit thin, from the user experience, the text descriptive content more conducive to improving the link by clicking rate.

! sitelink

the last two days of the information is about love raise a Babel of criticism of Shanghai recently in the search results show the update – love Shanghai sitelink, often using Google’s students may find that sitelink and Google launched the Shanghai now has a lot of similarities. The following is the comparison shots:




now has sitelink website, sitelink, good advice on copywriting, increase the probability of the link is clicked, the flow fluctuation monitoring sitelink brought to the site, and keep updated. In this paper, edited by 贵族宝贝geling888贵族宝贝, please indicate the


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