How to use a software to do a website link

3, the anchor text link with the site keywords

, a link station

The anchor text links to

is a website link factors will not be less, it can be said that the entire site is composed of links, through reasonable links, users can to get to the page, thus increasing user stickiness, growth PV, helps to increase the user experience, so that love Shanghai would be in favor of your website, time for a long time and the weight of the website will gradually increase, the ranking is naturally high, today Chong Shanghai dragon talk about how to use insect insect software links, see together. Chong Shanghai Dragon said the link is divided into two parts, one is the optimization of the link is a link station optimization.

this sentence has two meanings, one is you can will be the site of some long tail keywords or keywords added to the title of the article title, making it easier for users to browse, also can do the related long tail keywords ranking, two is in the anchor text links to articles to appear on the website main key words, such as www.chong, Shanghai dragon the bulk of this Forum >贵族宝贝

1, try to use the anchor text link

2, web page to link to

to help search engine website crawling, it can make the search for this link is to know what role to play, the link to the next link to the page content, therefore, in the general case we have to use the link, but sometimes in order to increase the user experience, must still be the use of flash, JS and image link call link. Think in the search engine, pictures, FLASH link is inferior to the anchor text link, because the anchor text links directly to vote, tell the search engine of the importance of the link, more easy to search engine website on a web site keywords included in the ranking algorithm, passed to PageRank, to increase the weight, improve the ranking.

we mentioned earlier, the entire site is to link up, if a site a site with a link are not, then the user did not browse this, is difficult to have a higher weight and web site keywords ranking. Therefore, we in the construction site before they will link to the web page allocation, which links the more important, which is the secondary, or even what is given only the link does not transfer the weight, so it is easy to web page weight loss, but also increase the search engine web site to the site of the score, also in an important position. Give the link to add some eye-catching style, such as bold, adjust the size to increase site PV, users can better click and browse page. We can release bug history features, then the software serial parameters open, can make the website article links in published articles, also can modify the link CSS style with bugs, increase user stickiness to browse. "We can do within the chain of software bugs" see article.

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