Talk about love Shanghai for how should do

There are a lot of friends often ask to have sex in Shanghai SEM around

account structure analysis -> selection of creative writing -> -> select the landing page -> pattern matching -> determine the running time of -> to determine the advertising area -> keywords set price

select expand the industries will have some popular keywords to select keywords is also varied, the general price parity high popular keywords and the conversion rate is not high, so it is recommended that you choose some long tail keywords and is not a very popular word.

account structure optimization: usually when I received a bidding account is the first step of account account structure analysis, how to create, how to optimize the account structure is reasonable, the delivery time for the latter part of creative writing, it is important to identify.

decided to love Shanghai for the account of the conversion rate is below the eight according to the order as follows:


many companies do PPC, generally can guarantee the benefit, but the feeling is still unsatisfactory results. Here I tell you, PPC has certain rules, and this is totally based on the customer’s wishes, as a fee for how to operate, in order to find the different effects. Can not find the reason I can see this article

(love Shanghai auction) what should I do? I do the bidding in the network marketing company has nearly 3 years of time, before the medical industry, decoration industry, enterprise website, environmental protection industry, garden and so did a lot of industry, should give the feeling we explain the simple love Shanghai SEM, what should pay attention to what

most of the responsible person in love after Shanghai opened bidding account directly by the account manager Shanghai love can maintain, but some of them will never know no opportunity to communicate, to talk about the love of Shanghai SEM investment you must know the techniques, in order to prevent wasted money.

Keywords: ?

Creative Writing: Creative Writing in general practice is another creative do not reference is not good, but we should pay attention to the number of red, each idea can at least have 3 ideas about the best.

pattern: less widely used phrase matching, widely, showing the amount will be high but, but invalid clicks will increase effect on the increase of delivery cost account.

landing page: This is especially important to choose a lot of companies are not too concerned about this, each keyword should have relatively deserve the page, imagine customers in search of product price is home, is not immediately turn off the


delivery time: a lot of people feel the user will only during the day and night is actually Internet consulting, some customers online peak, of course for different industries are different. According to the delivery time is different, the price is.

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