How do the planning page optimization scheme for keywords

third: Web page structure analysis. The website may be because effect in the construction, the use of some Js code, or Flash animation, or is the frame framework, but the structure construction will affect the spider crawl on the website, not to say that is not available, but it is best to use less. A spider web site to you do in order to convert the code, this time can grab your web site more. There is a website using the nofollow tag, do not use the nofollow tag, especially in Links, still have to pay attention to the website optimization degree.

second: page keyword density analysis. Keywords distribution page in the first step to do, then we need to analyze the page, the page keyword density, page keyword density is the best in the 2%-8%, there are many webmaster in order to improve the keywords weight of a single page, with the accumulation of keywords means to operate, so the best method is not desirable key words too much, let the user feel cumbersome, and will certainly lead to semantic is not fluent, although the effect of keyword density to the weights of the website is not big, but in the optimization to pay attention to the user experience, reasonable distribution of keyword density.

: first find the site to do keywords. Website optimization needs to optimize the key words, these words should be distributed to the page is optimized, each page needs simultaneous optimization of several key words, the advantages of each page in the page, the contents of construction in favor of that, all these questions need to be prepared in the analysis of the page, this is also in the planning scheme the first to include. Begin to do the optimization of the page in this remind that a page allocation 2-3 a key, do you also don’t have too much time to optimize, and some long tail of keywords in your optimization, you will also have the corresponding ranking, a page does not need to simultaneously optimize too much.

fifth: analysis of the content of the page. Actually to do page keywords ranking, the content of the page update is very important, the page content unchanged, want to do keyword ranking is relatively difficult. Page >

site optimization purpose is: to make websites can have multiple keywords ranking, whether it is the main keywords or long tail keywords, can have multiple web page ranking. With the purpose to optimize the webmaster, may need to have a more profound understanding of their own website, the need for detailed analysis on each page, and the optimization scheme of this how to plan.

fourth: analysis of page meta tags. Set the Meta attribute tag is very important, the web site of the keywords to appear in the title, title way to comply with the search engine’s habits, do not appear keywords accumulation. In addition to the title label, other description, keywords, image ALT attributes can be added to the corresponding key words, the key is to don’t appear keywords accumulation phenomenon.

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