Shanghai dragon show the contents of user oriented and search engine

so, the proposed Shanghai Longfeng ideas by the integration of content and the way of combining the implementation of aggregation page:

browsing habits of layout and status from the user:

example: "research study, the order does not necessarily refer to Chinese characters along the shadow ring read"

derived from the so-called user recommendation mechanism, page content usually consists of several affiliated call rules decision, namely: related, label, hot content composition. The huge content is different from the large industry has the support of small and medium-sized websites, perspective of Shanghai Longfeng content can be classified by the TOP list, starting with the established way of polymerization. By >

The characteristics of integration of value content of

at the moment, most of the small and medium-sized site is Shanghai dragon forced the contents of the status quo. In the face of increasingly frequent updates from the original algorithm, the so-called "pseudo original" transition to the website content creation ideas like TF/IDF, generally speaking Shanghai Longfeng ER generally exist misunderstanding about the "original". By feeling and hair for "user oriented web content and search engine" to show the.

1, usually a user browsing the page is not very carefully view the web content, that is to say there are few people who were reading from A to Z. So, each article or each page does not need to fill too much content or content. To avoid the problem of lengthy information.

here Shanghai dragon ER need to face not only the site on the level of competition among the Shanghai dragon, with the whole strength of the company, organization system, market planning and so on. This also is the Shanghai dragon ER more of the more complex and the lack of its value, at present, the small Shanghai dragon ER is not planning, editing, and performing arts collection chain in a

aggregation page

here lies in the industry, by the combination of industry information, supply chain information and product supply and demand, according to the user’s browsing habits "to integrate the segmented content, so as to establish a standardized integration within the industry to complete the site specific advantage and value differentiation reflected prepare and cater to the original spark program content development.


B, the search engine

A, user oriented integration value content of

in the above point of view which fundamentally, they choose to ignore the so-called "user demand and the content of value" (as the term browsing can also be interpreted as used as words), as the title of the article and begin to describe it, for small and medium-sized websites forced content, generally can’t be divorced from industry information, supply chain and product supply and demand information etc..

2, for users, browsing focus mainly lies in three parts, the first section, the end of the visit hot quality in addition to the bounce rate directly around the page but also affect.

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