Question 11 days new blog Alexa ranked 2 million in the world

] you can brush the global ranking

This can be

to operate in the global rankings for me any value, so since the discovery of the problem, the mall would have to brush off the global ranking. Today, because the reason for writing this article specifically to the query, found that the company store is still ranked 500 thousand or so, but it is not a role.

website, how many sites in the world, really want to enter the ranking is almost unimaginable. So I am very questionable for Alexa global ranking. Today I will have my own understanding and the operation of the global ranking over the case of Alexa global ranking.

wrote this article in fact mainly because not in Shanghai Longfeng query tool today found himself this April 28th was on the line of Shanghai dragon new Alexa global ranking blog unexpectedly came about 2000000, remembering the company store 4 year old station are not so exaggerated, and my blog launched only in Shanghai dragon the 11 day, ranking about 2000000, China ranked more than 80 thousand.

] global ranking )What is Alexa

said the website ranking, believe that everyone’s first reaction will think of Alexa, Alexa is the Shanghai dragon tools currently appear early Internet website ranking query and flow display, according to insiders only equipped with Alexa Toolbar users access to the site’s ranking has improved.


everyone in exchange Links may meet more requirements such as PR, snapshots, and other common chain requirements. But if he had had a global ranking of the global ranking >?



next to Shanghai dragon blog Alexa global rankings (Figure

on the Internet, as long as there is a ranking of the data will have tools or service brush ranking, I confessed I will give Alexa a special ranking brush up when the mall took over the company, at that time did not think too much, just want to complete the task. So an original 3 million global ranking soared after the brush flow after the target off 300 thousand… This is a true story that you understand.


global rankings useful to you

the brush when the global ranking of the effect can be very good, of course, this is relative to the rank number ascent, but has no effect on Web site traffic is the key. In the love of Shanghai is ranked number or how much, but in Google’s ranking is not obvious when the original brush not so good, this is my greatest experience.

How many domestic global ranking just clouds


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