Site optimization series chain scheme

Links is each site must do, only in exchange for 20 or so, as the exchange is the same type of website, this correlation is relatively high, the chain weight and quality is relatively good, in addition there is a one-way link, the link with Links almost, but the effect is much better than Links, because only the inbound links, not outbound links.

note here is, submit bookmarking not simply submit page links, but to the daily updated website submitted to the network bookmarks, the aim is to improve the weight, but also enhance the overall weight of the site.

directory submissionThe weight of the

second: soft Wen contribute

soft contribute use is like a snowball, snowball, so the article published in time, should try to keep the original degrees, so that it can effectively improve the examination pass rate, as long as a large number of soft contribute to success, the chain website will quickly soar.

fourth: blog

fifth: Links

Most of the


directory is generally high, every day to submit your site to the corresponding directory in your web site, as long as the directory of the web site included words, then represent a high quality of the external links, the number of submissions in the daily limit of about 20, success is 300 directory sites included stops.

: the first network bookmark

above the chain plan, every day as long as steps to operate, then the rank of the website will be at the front of the line, one of the most important points or execution, this article comes from the 贵族宝贝 please indicate the source.

website ranking is to rely on high quality content and the quality of the chain to achieve, not only the content of the website to regularly update timing, the website of the chain is no exception, so to make the chain site plan is very necessary, the chain plans to, not lost during operation.

recommended here love Shanghai, Sohu, NetEase blog blog blog, blog for 10 each in the three previous blog, do not recommend adding links in the article, usually when blogs are included to add more stable, so that it can play the effect, other blogs can be mutual chain.

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