The core value orientation of maintaining site optimization success

We are talking about the core competitiveness of

a wise man would have "a man is right, his world is right", on whatever method, to optimize the website by which resources are implemented in the garden of the core values of the. The company also is a website construction enterprise, we found a very interesting phenomenon, search information by using the keywords "Shanghai website construction", the top few website nature seems to change throughout the kaleidoscopic effect. Maybe love Shanghai every month for an algorithm to adjust because of it, but also one of the two sites is not a fixed line to the top. In fact, as long as a little bit analyze these rankings are not very stable website, you will find that the site’s ranking is not stable, the reason is that they are without exception with the methods of cheating. The move against the search engine fair value, at the expense of the high quality of website ranking is interest, search engine will power is also reasonable and expected.

now, as a professional engaged in website construction production and site optimization we do not need to reflect on their own and core competitiveness where? Some senior colleagues, may think the website of the core arrangement, not content and flow. And flow and comes from where? Now the domestic 80% or more website traffic is from the search engine, the topic excessive to site optimization. The author thinks that the core competitiveness of the website optimization, not the implementation of the method, because the method can slowly master; not because of resources, resources can also be imitated. The core of the web site optimization where? Is the value orientation of website construction and optimization of the staff.

if by some suffering oppression cheating method, can improve the site weight of words within a short time, so the pass also inevitable in a hurry. Because it violated the bottom line of some things, such as search engine users demand, and the optimized your site should have the basic quality of the bottom line. The author has previously issued a "site optimization effect under the sun" better and more lasting, that some of the website optimization method, must meet the demands of the user search engine, to improve the user experience, and constantly enrich the content of the website for the purpose. Can even think, uphold the core values, regardless of how to change the search engine algorithm, website construction and website optimization will be invincible.

value: Winning content, quality is king

is the flesh and blood of the soul of a website, no content can be a website, the bony cannot become a good website. The search engine has more than a hint or clear tell us, the only original content, the content of the search engine is the one and only love. Part of the site construction personnel know this principle, steadfast enrich the content of the website, with some highly quality articles written on the website. But let us see more is that many people use this loophole, such as false original is an example. Although there are many content is the one and only, but.

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