Shanghai Longfeng Guide website using the paging what is good or bad

1.: the list of pages list is mostly used in the paging list, because web content is too much, so the use of the list page to distinguish, if all the pages displayed in a page, for users to browse with visual fatigue, but if the page too much, page allocation content too, will increase page similarity, therefore, to take into account the two list page, it is necessary to ensure that users browse comfortable, but also to ensure the repeatability of page content is not too high, we should look at the administrator yourself.


The use of

1. to enhance the user experience (website content): when the content of the website too much, a page can’t explain the theme of the site, you need to optimize paging, with buffer to reduce visual fatigue, decline the mouse’s strength, but if it is a content page will show the end, don’t bother to use paging to increase web page, otherwise it will backfire;

micro Media Alliance (columnist Cen Huiyu) what is paging paging? Is the website content will be divided into a plurality of pages, such as the 30 picture content, divided into 15 pages, page two, belongs to the use of paging, paging is a double-edged sword, used properly, can increase the page browsing volume and weight; used properly will let the user objectionable, general paging is commonly used in popular news platform, here came to look what is good or bad websites use paging

good use of defects

website page


2. website loading speed optimization: site for people, loading speed is a fatal factor of website, a web page open speed slow, not only affect the user experience, but also affects the optimization ranking, or that sentence, if the content is too much, you need to distinguish the paging burden, so you can make the page loading speed optimization.

2. content: the content page page in some of the more common large news platform, and in the small and medium-sized enterprises is relatively small, in the news platform, it is not difficult to find, originally a page will illustrate the content, often divided into several pages at the same time, with a big picture, can see the figure:




website page

this way is the content page, the page is not suitable for the less content sites, many Shanghai dragon ER in order to increase the page and included the number, the use of a large number of paging to do content, resulting in a decline in the overall quality of the content of the page ranking, worrying.


1. meaningless: if I click on the website is not a lot, do not do meaningless paging, will only increase the user invalid clicks, and cause the user antipathy, originally a page ten words can solve the problem, the result.

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