Shanghai Longfeng learning must understand these common sense

as mentioned above, Shanghai, this industry is a focus on the actual operation of the industry, not much theoretical knowledge, even if you learn knowledge in knowledge learning more solid, based on actual operation on you will only be empty talk, the actual operation would need to spend money to buy a space and domain name to try.

really engaged in Shanghai Longfeng people in this field study in Shanghai Dragon Technology part time is not particularly difficult to do what, itself Shanghai Longfeng nothing theory knowledge, so for a novice, it is important to understand why they want to learn Shanghai dragon, learning the true meaning of Shanghai dragon is more the actual operation of more senior consult, I believe that Shanghai dragon professionals, Shanghai dragon is not what magical occupation, mystery is for those people who do not understand, want to learn Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, here to teach you important steps.

Shanghai Phoenix Forum


of Shanghai Longfeng learning more than so much, I hope to be able to study in Shanghai dragon is helpful, as long as careful pondering and learning, you will have good results.

also is sure to ask itself, Shanghai Longfeng without what theoretical things, basically are done on the actual operation, in the operation of the process will encounter many problems, this time there is no theoretical things to help answer only to ask someone else.

A lot of the actual operation of

is really want to learn Shanghai dragon who is in a variety of ways to query, the simplest is to be first in the Baidu search on the basic information about Shanghai Longfeng and understand the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, which has a lot of D Shanghai Longfeng noun explanation, can reading comprehension.

analysis by using

this is worth mentioning, learning Shanghai dragon is not any zero based people can learn, it will also need data analysis, just starting to do the optimization of Shanghai dragon will be back to the confused because no out of order, the basis of data analysis so that it is unknown it who built the site is the target customers, more is to do more to the back analysis of Shanghai dragon more difficult.

Understand the basic knowledge of

this is the key in the accumulation of their own experience step, to look at the Shanghai forum in Shanghai dragon dragon master is how to operate the grey website and the enterprise website, when the master in different operation have many differences, for example, they are how to build a web site and link with what kind of way to update the website content, to watch and learn, sometimes pen records will be more effective.

If the

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