Why love Shanghai snapshot to the nternet before the receipt

third, for all sites, to achieve a better ranking, love Shanghai better grab, there is a crucial issue, it is better to complete the user experience, this will only make love, Shanghai will love, and only love Shanghai love. "

today Kim met a very annoying problem, although in the past often mentioned some Shanghai Longfeng customers complain, but Kim did not met, but when it occurs in small Kim, a client site but I feel a deep sense of powerlessness — I the hand inside, after the snapshot update, it is shown in snapshot 20 A few years ago, this is really making us sad thing, 20 years ago? When love Shanghai?


after a strong love of Shanghai small gold dust, will soon come out from the influence of love in Shanghai, began a careful analysis, to understand some love Shanghai update something, although hard years ranging from time, a K back to the liberation, but life must have no, or from some way, the website snapshot return quickly, this is the key, for these reasons, Kim had to do all the Shanghai dragon friends here to share

second, because the space is not stable, may the relation between space and site already belongs to a topic now a commonplace talk of an old scholar, a lot of friends are considered vital to the stability of the space, but few people recognize the website space and value, is not a small gold in this scare you. The foundation is not solid, all the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, needs to have a basis for that day, space problem sites, love Shanghai cannot the normal page crawl, will involve reducing website ranking, this is a causal relationship! Imagine when you enter Shanghai love web crawl the page to go for a long time, reduce the words of love in Shanghai on the website of the trust will be completely, this is the inevitable result of



first, Kim has a website, because customers have to be the site of Title leads to a snapshot of receipt website, through the analysis of some data, we have determined the site title change will lead to such a result, through some analysis I found that after the site title change, will make the website of the sandbox effect again, in other words, a popular website re entered the study period and the noble love Shanghai baby, love Shanghai for our first step is to examine the site of receipt, everyone should know that such an old proverb: 100 days with a small gold injured in the sinews or bones. The idea, change the Title of the site is equal to a person who carried out a large-scale operation, the body also need a period of time of surgery recovery period, is also a website So, after the proposed site to determine the title, don’t change


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