The website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization do very well why not success

webmaster will say, you say, a bit extreme! Who can hold a mainstream, and now I always insist on the use of traditional optimization methods to optimize the Shanghai dragon website, my website ranking also can! I think the owners say, is also understand some truth in Shanghai dragon and Phoenix, on the Internet, to Shanghai dragon for the optimization of ripe, about three stages, the three phases are dependent, independent, interdependent stage. The index is to rely on Optimization in Shanghai Longfeng >

first, we have to say, what is called the "good Shanghai Longfeng optimization". "Good" is a relative term, because there is more to separate is good or bad, we know that Shanghai Longfeng optimization is mainly aimed at search engine optimization, specifically aimed at love Shanghai is optimized, so the question is, why are there so many search engines, I love Shanghai unbeaten including? Google, Sogou, 360 and so on, some of these search engines love even more than Shanghai, but never more than love Shanghai, occupy more search engine market? There are many complex reasons, but there is an indisputable fact, if we copy do search engines love Shanghai, even if the cost of 2 billion it is difficult to succeed, "national team" is a vivid example of pangu. So, we in the eyes of the "Shanghai dragon optimization is very good" is a relatively static concept, the so-called "good" refers to strictly follow the rules of Shanghai Longfeng optimization including website content, update, and construction site outside the chain site Links, and in accordance with these principles to the forum, to the blog to do outside the chain, in fact, the development of the Internet for decades, has changed turn the world upside down changes, such as the chain, before the forum, blog can be easily released, can now? A forum outside the chain if can "survive" is the three day of victory. But an indisputable fact, forum, blog that the once popular thing has now become "yesterday", WeChat, the mobile Internet has become the new mainstream, how to put their own site above, then Shanghai Longfeng traditional theory is not, and if these, you think you the Shanghai dragon optimization do good


there was a period of time, the status of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and "Internet plus" days on the Internet be roughly the same, fanatical, as long as the master of the Shanghai dragon optimization is equal to the money, just as hot as the Internet, many enterprises or industry and the Internet as long as the hook, beyond the "millet" but in fact, point the day and await for it. On the Internet any fried hot fresh words, soon disappeared, even if is a good thing, but also gradually fade out. Shanghai Longfeng optimization to provide website weight, is a very good method, but many webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization, feel to do is in place, but ultimately did not need to see results, become confused and eventually had a suspect attitude of Shanghai Dragon Well, how to deal with Shanghai dragon


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