How to improve the design of Web site navigation content readable differentiated layout role

page font size, column width, height


however, Lohan spent forum believes that the difference in the choice of the construction of a website, the location of the time has been reflected, so the "difference" is just the website design icing on the move, with the best, you must not fight the content.


for the user needs to design a website for the dynamic adjustment of the opportunity for

data record, with amazing insight to understand the changes can occur at any time the user needs to spend one day, for example the arhat forum, and Lohan quiz Posts suddenly for a disease, or reproduction way repetition rate is huge, this problem may become a "dynamic" adjustment point.

site navigation design: the content of the construction of

website design is not a rigid, deathing construction method, face will change at any time the user needs, design and development of the website, can dynamically adjust the opportunity to set aside.

The selection and main contents of emission Difference

main navigation, position navigation, navigation and other small segments are at the beginning of the site, one of the key factors that must be considered. The main contents of enterprise websites need classification has news, self introduction and contact details, product display, construction forum exchanges based more on "value", for the tropical fish breeding forum, the forum is flower horn industry subdivision "Lohan" exchange platform, prevention and treatment of diseases from ocean fish species to the breeding, breeding, to refine the service start ocean fish, burning tail, water management, strive to the experience of professional spirit culture circles.

Chinese to pay attention to the color, flavor and taste ", because the same taste, different visual building, will bring different levels of experience to the user. Several sensory interaction is human "disease", one of the important breakthrough point is also the enterprise of user psychology. Lohan spent forum that in the site, the site design is not only an important window, or determines the important factor of whether to retain users.

page layout

web, which belonged to the reference of others based on the flower horn forum believes that the "visual sense" design on the website of the absolute existence of benign influence, but so far only YY, not doing professional research web designer, so take others on a reference. Studies have shown that a large text is more conducive to reading, inserted and the overall structure of the layout of the font layout, pictures, affect the user experience of reading, and to endeavour to move the end of entrepreneurs, text content to keep the best visual effects in any situation.

The readability of the

competition is too intense, you want to make a breakthrough in an industry, in addition to seriously do, different website content and page layout also have to consider some of the time.

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