Love of Shanghai comes to the lower right rehabilitation factors in the ranking algorithm

for Shanghai dragon optimization staff, often pay attention to how to improve website rankings, but do not know the site may at any time be right down, so the study of several factors related to right down to love Shanghai in the ranking algorithm is also very important, maybe a lot of people are aware of the importance, but do not know how to start and here we have from an example to talk about the factors of

how to do? Throw good money after bad, if we do not change the way of thinking, that this site only thought a, then began to put the anchor text keywords the original stack of all down, do not add any of the anchor text also began this article, once again updated every day, a month later the site, rehabilitation, also see your keywords ranking on the home page, and at the time that the heart that rock down! You know this month, every nerve is taut!

from this example, we must be able to see the keywords anchor text too much of the damage is serious, love Shanghai algorithm in the aspects of evaluation is very strict, once found excessive optimization suspects, immediately give right down, I just done a week, website ranking will drop Not the least trace was found.! Of course, if you can to correct mistakes, but also insist on the right direction, then the love of Shanghai is not a pole killing, or rehabilitation, or even a better ranking! Visible down the right site is not terrible. Seize the love Shanghai algorithm core, timely correction, can repair was immortal


I have a keyword, love Shanghai index about a website at around 1000, after a long-term unremitting efforts, the ranking of the site are basically in second, but later, using many methods, still no way to keywords optimization up, so do the ranking has been lasted for half a year so I think, honestly in accordance with the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" to operate a no way to improve website ranking, so I want to go look at the shortcut, then at the beginning of each original article, increase the number of anchor text keywords, and even a little pile of suspicion, unexpectedly, no ranking it is the site is down right, the site’s ranking has plummeted

! ! !


but I think this is not a blink of an eye, own a fortuitous discovery, love is not a flaw in the algorithm in Shanghai? Why rehabilitation, but also to get a better ranking? The author also used another site to do an experiment, of course this website ranking is not so high and if it fails, the loss is not great! In the experimental results, a similar conclusion, love Shanghai in the rehabilitation after, can provide a higher ranking! This is not love and vulnerability, Shanghai ranking algorithm but the standard

many readers see here, is not feeling very happy? Did not think there is such a small shortcut, this is not the solution to love Shanghai 11 phenomenon is the best way? But the pen.

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