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the year before last, the pig formally launched the Witkey promotion staff. New money making model came into being, many small and medium-sized webmaster immediately brainstorm, hit keyboard point mouse, ready to start a big game. After I have carefully designed and difficult to promote, micro-blog, forums, blogs, etc., have my promotion traces. I was feeling indescribably happy, waiting for the next, is open every hour non-stop computer, promotion of statistical data see background, which also affects my life rule, even dream in want to have such amazing results.

6, waiting for the approval to pass. The last step is the platform settings, because this step is rather hard to write, so I’ll show you how to use the DEDE program in the next article

Volkswagen tool class App realization of the road on the threshold of more variables, diversification of cash model.

tool class App applications are facing a common situation: the development threshold is relatively low and many competitors, two adverse situation. However, these applications can survive until now, and have already demonstrated that they have considerable user value.

5, fill in the joint operating platform data, a new platform for your site name, LOGO address, Title home page title, Keywords keywords and Description description the completed data, submitted to the next step.


for those not too late to start the App tool, to 2013 still apparently may face the same predicament — such as profit time is unpredictable; it will also usher in different opportunities — such as the same location of the probability of new competitors appear to have been very small. The tool class application is at a crossroads.

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clearly, the game, business applications including class O2O applications, children’s applications and monopolistic nature of the heavy application of App, there are clear business models. In addition to these four groups, there are still a large number of mass utility applications. Roughly, these tools can be broadly classified as network and terminal tools, life information, life records, social and multimedia categories. They are clearly user value, but are often left behind by other applications in commercial ways.

The rise of

4, platform home right, my information > "access management platform", management home > "add new platform"". To create a joint operating platform page, select "I have read and agreed to the joint operation agreement", from "I have a domain name / independent website" option, fill in your two level domain name, continue to submit the next step. The following is "I don’t have a domain name / standalone site" option to skip, and I’ll be releasing it in the next article non web site.

2, after landing members, first through the online banking, identity cards, e-mail and mobile phone number four authentication. If you are in trouble, you can skip this step, but it is important to make up these certifications.

1, first of all, must be a "pig", "Witkey" under the "network name" registered members.


however, this is the last mile of long distance race, or endless road of no return. Through the observation and analysis of these applications, it may be able to highlight some of the more essential things of the mobile internet.

to Camera360 applications, for example, the June 2010 birth of the App, is one of the camera class app earlier than Instagram, and in early 2012 has 30 million users. The number of users of Camera360 has been quite similar to that of Instagram users for a long time. As of the first half of 2012, Camera360 has got three rounds of financing, which at that time to get the second round of financing are a handful of Chinese developers team, it is rare.

pays no attention to hard work. About a week later, I finally got my first income. I’m sure my promotion method is still feasible. A lot of friends waiting already impatient, I would enter the theme here, about how to register the pig joint operating platform several steps of registration. The following is the Witkey station counterparts topic, non Witkey station can skip this article.

3, this step is the beginning of the key, has landed members do not need to quit, we will open a tab from the browser, click into the joint operation platform un.zhubajie/domain.

since 2012, the mobile Internet has entered the "cooling" channel. This "cooling", in fact, is not a player to withdraw from the plate to shrink, but the overall change in the pattern of industry. In the capital strength of the guidance and promotion, the advantage of resources towards the beginning of commercial applications with a clear future together, but failed to find clear business model in the application window, if there is not enough investment for continuation, it will exit.

, however, Instagram was acquired by Facebook last year, can be said to the Camera360 and similar App a mixed hint. Hi, the acquisition price of Instagram has proved its value to a certain extent

Witkey has been recognized and favored by the majority of creative people. Shortly after the Wuhan municipal government supported and reported by CCTV CCTV, it became the first professional Witkey website in china. According to the industry analysis, the number of Witkey in China has reached 22 million people, engaged in full-time Witkey have joined ranks, through personal ability, wisdom and knowledge into profitable income.

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