Only a good study of competitors to go beyond the first copy

than when we have competitors, we basically will not lose, we know what they are doing, what should we do to keep the advantage. Now do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng no such concept, nor even the concept of data, all have no goals, do not know what to do, we know that in the day, the hair of the chain. Also do not know these articles have no effect, also don’t know what really happened, but do not know how to go beyond the competition, a lot of people do not have such a concept. When do we need a new analysis of the entire site top five Web sites, where do they look good we learn from them, as long as can be used to.

we need is beyond the competitors, even beyond continued dominance, we must know the competitors are doing, what is its operational ideas. We find the features and rules of measures immediately, this.

We want to know his own They have the advantage of

cheating on site is not the most terrible, the most terrible is that there is a change in the industry, such as the name card design was confiscated. Later free, you know how much power to free a free, China all crazy. We have to click on the website for free, you know love Shanghai click on the principle, who who the more higher the ranking, if you can’t see the change in the industry, or confused minds to send the chain, update the content, do not understand the user experience, do not understand the industry situation will be eliminated. If we may not change in the industry leader, but if we can instantly capture this information, at least not in the rapid pace of the fate of being eliminated.

in Shanghai Longfeng still need from the point of view of common sense and common sense, we do not know when to an industry, we are also starting from imitation, generally go beyond the first copy. I have this experience to a new company in the job, when we in the business and products is not so understand, when we need to do the site. Estimation of heart is not the very bottom, then start to do to see competitors. Look at what are the advantages of competitors can use my body, or from competitors can get what kind of inspiration, I think often go to the website of their attention to peer learning is also great.

, in which the content of the chain, brand promotion, and so on are analyzed, and then according to present their own strength and resources to plan beyond. According to my years of experience and basically did not appear what too big deviation, certainly not an intensely competitive industry, if it is an intensely competitive industry may be more difficult to grasp the data and time. Also pay attention to competitors as well as one of the biggest benefits, will not be submerged, always pay attention to the site of the A new force suddenly rises. Even if the cheating site can also analyze again what popular cheating now, let yourself know more knowledge is not what harm.

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