Must pay attention to the impact of history on the website domain name

query in an inadvertent domain process, the author found that there is a relatively easy and meaningful domain name was not registered, so hurry to buy, and put it in the overseas space bound. Because I just keep going to the domain name and other useful before the development of it, so not too much attention, it is only occasionally updated about the station, but suddenly there is a strange phenomenon, is the overseas space can’t open, and even the website Ping IP also appeared not access to the target, and the influence on the normal operation of another domain.


as a web site with love guy, since a long time ago always love to buy all kinds of domain name, including the host space top-level domain, and freely into their own dynamic domain name server etc.. But as has been the only fun nature, so I can’t stick to it, is to buy after the occasional updates put time needs to renew a year to forget, not long again to buy another domain name and space etc..

and the sale of cloud host sellers to discuss, the other is because the room is out of the question, so it caused the occurrence of such a situation, however, in re reading the Taobao VPS sellers sales copy, found that there are some tips for "if the host is attacked, will be banned IP period of 24 hours, until the attack disappeared."

IP then since the site cannot be the cause of Ping has been found, also need from the source.

then I through the above analysis, then looked at the background with the "time of traffic statistics and CPU statistics, found abnormal flow and high CPU appear in a certain period. Because of the company’s website is often attack traffic, so I have a little experience for these, so the judge is not such as the seller said "because of computer problems", the actual situation should be the site suffered traffic attacks, causing the physical servers placed cloud host defense mechanism, ban the website IP for 24 hours, until the traffic attack disappeared.

cloud hosting is a direct landing in the background, so the author through this way into this host to understand the details, can be found in the normal "off" and "on" and "restart" steps in real-time screenshot here also can see clearly the host on the normal operation.

Because of this The

later contact with Shanghai Longfeng, learned that the domain name and space are so much knowledge, so I have to shame on past their own mistakes. For example, I have to buy a very own love top-level domain, it was found that the domain name has been illegal websites. The discovery is the domain name itself caused by the influence of space based on the cause of attention, now have the wrong experience to everyone to share, I hope that friends don’t repeat the mistakes.

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