The definition of PPC analysis as well as the advantages and disadvantages

keyword advertising is search engine as the backing, accounting for the timing and location. The keyword advertising in the form of search engine marketing, the obvious advantages of low cost, quick. The relevant terms as long as the advertising content is not a violation of the search engine, users can pay enough fees, it can get good rankings.



The This is mainly to invalid click We now illustrate:


3. not all clicks are valid, some users just a traveler. But in the development of the Internet today, every company wants to get the maximum profit, invalid click has become an open secret in the industry. Now there are so many search engines, just the old aristocratic beauty baby can limitedly invalid click monitoring, the other there is no effective way to avoid, such as love Shanghai, such as SOGOU, are far behind.

competitive ranking the term for all Internet users is not unfamiliar, such as Alibaba, noble baby, love Shanghai B2B, B2C, and many other such services are search engines, the goal is clear, improve the hit rate and efficiency, so what is the competitive rankings? From the title we easily that is, bidding auction to auction the search results to obtain this behavior ranking. As long as you take the PPC, whether your website is true or not, good or bad, as long as you pay enough money to the auction platform, you can get what you want in any keyword ranking (money is willful). PPC is love before Shanghai unique profit model, this seriously affect the user experience, so in later, love Shanghai cancelled a PPC advertising model, instead of using the "keyword advertising" approach. So at present, PPC is mainly used for B2C, B2B, C2C and some other websites.

in the "car" search results, the top 6 sites are present in front of the user by way of bidding, so in the first page of search results, only 9 natural ranking, as shown in figure.

2. a few lively may have a lot of customers to compete, who is out of money, who will get the keyword promotion qualifications, this will lead to a single click on the costs incurred will be increasingly high. According to statistics, some hot words, click can reach tens or even hundreds of yuan once, if your website can bring enough profit to you, you can also try a willful.

as customers in the enjoyment of keyword advertising benefits to us, we can not ignore some negative effects it brings to us, is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. time is short, only exists in the pay promotion period, if there is no money, this kind of advertising natural shelf, website ranking will be affected.

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