The 8 25 love Shanghai big update the Shanghai dragon how to deal with the contents of the article

so we first recall, in this update before and after, Shanghai love what changes.

Mr.Zhao is in the hands of the medical industry, so there are some medical sites, you see a screenshot below.

love Shanghai another round of updates, moving a lot of sites, from the last large-scale K station, after a lapse of two months, a major feature of this is that a lot of the original site has been affected, the affected area is greater than the last, my blog is in the spread in K knocked off the home page, so many webmaster ask, since it is respect for the original, why my original station will be punished? And those trash but all right? My hands and his friends were some of the station’s reaction by Mr.Zhao recently, here to do some speculation and analysis.

1. in August, a large number of site home page snapshot not update, which showed in the medical industry and the Shanghai dragon.

is not so, there is a change, if you are not careful, may be ignored. This is the love of Shanghai on the site of the attitude and the June update of the different.

In fact,

published in the view before my first statement, I do not love Shanghai! My blog, embodies the pure original experience and my blood, don’t be K home mody. The last time my article "love from 6.28 K stations in Shanghai to see the future trend of the sea fell in love with the sea dragon" was reproduced in each site, some owners are more excited people on my blog to vent their dissatisfaction, but no matter how you, how I love the Shanghai shoot, or update will update, not today it is updated again. Our Shanghai dragon to do is to adapt to the change of love in Shanghai.

(Figure 1)

3.8 month 25 days, many webmasters feel the new rules caused changes, many site is down right away, ranking, punishment. There is love in Shanghai to fight the acquisition station among them, but also like my blog pure original site affected. At the same time some keyword search results page, there is a change in turn the world upside down. This is mainly concentrated in the medical as well as some brand words.

Figure 1 Because

then love Shanghai only this?

2.Lee released the update announcement in 8.22, according to random collection and hyperlink cheat line of new penalty rules [this paper mainly discusses the new on-line content for part of the rules, do not involve the hyperlink hyperlink components will be discussed in future Bo Wen]. At the same time, Robin said, after verification, the new rule has not been on the line, just before the announcement made.

for my hand a medical site, this site in May in a hurry on the line, the main one disease, after I optimization, in June when the disease has the word Related words to love (Shanghai Home > disease

The change of


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